SkyHawk 4G one-way brg. improvement

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    To the 4G motorized bike world;

    Those of you who have been patiently waiting to get the new improved one-way brg. for the SkyHawk 4G - 80T belt drive 4 cycle transmission should now contact your selling dealer and ask for a N/C sample bearing. We have sent all of our 4G WD's some new design sample bearings to test and confirm. These new brgs. have twice the lock torque rating and have an improved seal design that does not pop out like the plastic seals do. We are anxious to know if these new one-way bearings correct the problem encounterd with early production units. Your technical data feed back is welcomed. Unfortunately we are not allowed to ride bicycles with gas engines on them on city streets in China so our test efforts are hampered. Bearing installation with an arbor press is recommended by pressing on the outer race into the 80T pulley brg. cavity. When installing on the shaft press on the inner race. After installing make sure the pulley is turning in concentricity with the brg. and has no wobble. When riding your bike we recommend a pedal assited gradual throttle start rather than a sudden full throttle from a dead start. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Merry Christmas;

    Don Grube > China GAS/ Grubee inc

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