Clutch Skyhawk 66cc GT5 clutch acting up

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by iFixEverything, Oct 31, 2011.

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    so i decided to put my sky hawk (made 4-20-11) back on my bike. the reason i took it off was because when i released the clutch the back wheel would not move it would just lock up and skid. i even went down the biggest hill i could find, peddled and got to at least 20 mph let go of the clutch and the back wheel didn't move. my 49cc never had this problem. i messed around with the adjustments a million times and then i took the spark plug out and i could pedal fine with the clutch released. i believe its a compression issue? i hope somebody knows more about these engines and what maybe the problems. thanks a lot, Sean

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  3. There is a section for 2 cycles.
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    ok think for a minute :thinking: its free after u took out the plug tell me what gap u have on your plug now? and also what type of plug is it:confused:
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    If you can peddle the bike with the clutch disengaged, and the spark plug out, but can't with the plug in, more then likely you have one of two problems, or both.
    1. Too much compression.. remedy..install additional head baskets.
    2. Piston hitting the spark plug. Solution, different plug, additional head gaskets.
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    What Al said.
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    thats what i was getting at but i hoped he could work it out:idea: