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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by yellowbeard, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. yellowbeard

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    Hey guys, I'm new to this. Glad to be here, just mounted my 66cc Grubee Skyhawk on my bike. It idles a little high and it bogs down at about 1/4 throttle. Is there carb ajustments I need to do? thanks Joe



  2. yellowbeard

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    also my clutch is hard to pull.
  3. jackson0311

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    hey, i have the same motor and the same problems. i just got mine going today. The guy i have do all my motorcycle work said i used the wrong 2 stroke oil. i used the weed wacker stuff. he told me to use the moped stuff they sell it at motorcycle/dirtbike shops cost me like $8 for enough to mix 6gal and im running mine rich for the breakin period. as far as the clutch a guy i know said it may be because 2 things the lever they supply is short and the whole thing is new so i used 2 hands and worked the lever for a wile. then rode it for a wile and kept pulling the clutch it is about 2x as easy to pull now but i too am waiting for somemore help. hope this helps a little.
  4. retromike3

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    skyhawk bog watch that chain!

    Watch out for that loose chain! That will kill ya when you least expect it. It can be a real pain to replace those spokes on that side or, to get the chain out between the "doughnut" and the spokes.

    I think I have the same unit as you. The main thing I made sure of for the clutch cable was the routing and to make sure the length was "just right" I also took the cable apart and greased it. If it is the same as mine than you have a pinch nut on the end of the cable, so it will let you disassemble it. I also made sure that the cable was "squared off" at the end. I only have to use on hand to operate it.

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  5. Dave C

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    ...grease the cable.. got it:grin5:

    This goes under the heading of, "Things I Should Do But Never Think Of". :dunce:
  6. jackson0311

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    I just read a post from someone said the bog could also be an air problem that is very common. i just followed it and it solved the problem. check ur exaust make sure its tight, check that ur carb is air tight where it mounts up and play with the air screw to lean it out if nessisary. hope it helps.
  7. Slowbalt

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    Jakson I'm in providence if you need any help. I have a few bikes under my belt.
  8. HeadSmess

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    the bogging down and the hi idle are caused by the low end being too lean.

    ermmmm... this is probably one of the best links to read.

    so its not a mikuni carb, the basics are the same :)
  9. motorpsycho

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    check for an air leak where the carb. mounts to the intake tube, or where the intake tube mounts to the cylinder.
  10. geebt48cc

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    Uno, I had same bogging on 2010 Skyhawk 66/slant!~CNS is now a nice paper weight on desk. Old style carb does fantastic.....................NO BOGGING at all/clean tan burn.
  11. jackson0311

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    Thanks, got it going. But now i am having a problem getting the chain tension to stay, was thinking about buying a tensioner from pirate cycles but they r kinda pricy. any suggestions??
  12. Slowbalt

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    Easy fix .Once you get it tight, and set wear you want it .Use a small self drilling screw to lock it in place, so it can't come loose. Wear in RI are you?
  13. Dave C

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    You might still be in the chain-streching stage. With the tensioner out of the way can you take a link off? If you can you should. Use a real good motocross chain lube. It protects the chain better than anything else.

    The stock Chinese chain is :poop:, as soon as possible it should be replaced with a space chain with o-rings, American made if possible. I have a 420 chain I'm thinking of putting on but it's very heavy duty, most likely use it on a new build I'm planning :helmet:
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  14. jackson0311

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    im in warwick, yea i got a x510h chain from ebay for a score at like 18$ its american made, think its hch or something like that.
  15. Slowbalt

    Slowbalt New Member

    the chain should be 415.
  16. jackson0311

    jackson0311 New Member

    the 415 and 510 are the same thing the only dif is that the 510 is a little more heavy duty
  17. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    415 works

    I set my bike up with a Tioga 415 BMX chain and it has worked grate. my engine came with a standard BMX chain and it lasted about twenty miles before it broke. I had to change the drive sprocket( it got damaged when the chain broke). I did have problems with the master link, But after I just stuck it back together with a chain tool, a hammer and a chunk of steel its gone without a hitch.

    I have been using a Skyhawk 66 and so far the CDI was bad to start with and the "new, improved" carburetor didn't work very well. It was dumping gas into the engine and I was getting horrible milage, so I took the old carb I had saved off of my old engine and it took right off. I am getting close to the same milage as my old engine and it can get out of its own way now(no bogging). I haven't checked the pug yet but I will let you know how it looks.

  18. matti

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    Im having the same issues with my new Skyhawk GT5 I followed the manufactures instructions to use a 16:1 mix for the 1st gal. The clutch seems to be gatting a little better[​IMG]
  19. jackson0311

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    yea i said the heck with it and ran straight gas and a little splash of oil and it ran great. a little warmer but not enough to make any problems. Also i just built the exhaust so it's very quiet now. i am going to order a new carborator and see how it goes. mmm now that i get thinking i may tear it down and re build the entire thing......
  20. Oddzball

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    Gonna seize your motor not running enough oil. Be careful. Also don't waste money on new carb. Try bigger jets.