For Sale Skyhawk GT2-A w/ Huasheng 49 & SBP Shift Kit

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    Skyhawk GT2-A aluminum frame with integral 2.4 liter (0.66 gallon) gas tank. Front/Back hydraulic Shimano disk brakes on 26" wheels. Huasheng 49cc 4-Stroke engine with pull start and centrifugal clutch. Engine power is transferred through a jackshaft shift kit from Sick Bike Parts. Final drive runs through a Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur on a 8-speed Shimano Hyperglide cassette. RockShox Dart1 oil damped spring fork with adjustable rebound.

    Added since pictures: double leg center kickstand, wireless speedometer/odometer, rear taillight, hidden GPS tracker.

    I've built a couple of these, and this was my latest summer project. I'm a college student at Cal Poly SLO on the central coast of California, so it's not too far if a potential buyer is up in the bay area or down towards LA. This bike is a lot of fun, most of my riding is 35-40mph but I've seen up to 47mph.

    Built with all brand new components and has only been ridden ~100 miles. The parts cost more than asking price, $1000 OBO
    If interested, comment here or contact me through this Craigslist link:

    20150901_162828.jpg 20150901_162728.jpg 20150901_162645.jpg

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    bump, asking price lowered, bought a motorcycle project so this needs to go!
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    Is it still available? If so, would you be willing to drive the bike up to Santa Cruz? If be coming from San Rafael, so SC would be right in the middle of us. Let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks.
    P.S. Are those 12 or 14 guage spokes? And what hubs are rims built with?
  4. KBslo

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    Sold, thanks for your interest.
  5. KCvale

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    That was a beautiful build!
    Well done sir.

    I have a similar build coming up when the new 2014 GT2 frames hit shore.
    The new frames will take a 3" wide wheel and a have rear disc brake mount.
    Can I ask what you got for that beauty?