Carby Skyhawk GT5 66cc from Carb CONFUSION?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by slaquers, May 13, 2010.

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    Okay so I have had it 3 days now never ran good til tonight when I accidently left the choke only about 1/3 or less the way down.

    It has a "upgraded performance" NT carb with a red cover and the little idle adjust screw. Also has this thing on the throttle cable which I thought was mixture but does not seem to do much...

    Anyway, right now it runs PERFECT with the choke up 75% of the way.

    I don't know much on these motors, but is it bad to run it like that?? Also if it is how do I adjust the mixture, it might be too lean?

    Nooo idea...the manual is of no help and the Mandarin markings on the car are of no help either.

    Please help! It only has about 3 miles on it atm.

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    <a href="" target="_blank">New Style NT 66cc Carb.</a>
    It looks just like the pictures there, idle screw and that screwy thing on top which I think just tightens the throttle...not sure.
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    Hmmm I think this means it is too lean? Am I correct?
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    I am still confused I hope I am running the right mixture, I dont have an extra spark plug or money to test so I just have not been riding it atm.
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    The idle screw with the spring behind it is the idle speed adjustment. It has nothing to do with fuel mixture. It engages the slide and sets how fast it idles. The hex long nut the cable housing goes into is for adjusting the slack in the throttle cable.

    I have the same carb and it is very cold blooded. It takes a while before it will run properly with the choke all the way off. At least a couple of minutes or a block or so. If you know how to check where the clip is on the needle it needs to be down one clip ring from the top. I tried lowering mine to the top ring like many talk about here and it doesn't work with this carb that says "Speed" on the side. This "Speed" carb came with my Silver Grubee Sky Hawk 66 from

    You may have to remove the carb and blow it out as there may be junk in it. Another thing that will help is go to a store that has small diameter o-rings and get a o-ring that fits snug in the back of the carb opening where the manifold tube goes. I used a o-ring made of 1/16" diameter stock. Push against the o-ring with the carb when you tighten the clamp. That will stop any small air leaks between the carb and manifold.

    I have rigged a cheap universal shifter control to work my choke with a spring to return it.

    I am running 32-1 synthetic outboard oil for now as my engine is pretty new. I'm 255# and found out today it will haul me 31 mph on my GPS. Too fast-put the brakes on (-:

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  6. KCvale

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    Cheap easy fixes to try first:

    Replace the skinny clear gas line that barley stretches over the carb pea-cock valve with an automotive gas line that fits it perfect, about a $2 a foot.
    It will be too fat for the tank side, so just leave the clear tube attached and nip it off at the bottom. The larger gas line will slide right over the clear line still on it nice and snug without a clamp.

    Gap you spark plug to .028, the same auto parts place with the gas line has keychain disc gaping tools for a $1.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] KC's Kruisers
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    sound advice
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    Good advice but won't have much to do with the OP's problem.