Skyhawk kit, couple questions.....



Is it necessary to coat the inside of that tank?... and I know this may sound stoopid, but my sparkplug lead doesn't 'click' and stay on my plug, am I missing something here?

I'm no mechanical genius, but sometimes the little things escape my attention. :?
Not necessary, just look inside and make sure it's clean. Use and in-line filter for sure.

Look inside the cap and see if somehting id missing. Some have reported trouble with the caps. You can buy a new one for a couple of dollars if you are concerned.
have you unscrewed the "cap" on the plug? the boot is designed to fit over the threaded-rod ONLY.
One of the best things you can do is to remove the spark plug cable/wire and get a new one (non-resistor) from auto parts store. You will then be able to use quality spark plugs and not worry about looseing plug connections. Its the first thing I do on all my engines/bikes.
augidog said:
have you unscrewed the "cap" on the plug? the boot is designed to fit over the threaded-rod ONLY.

Well, there ya go :) ... cheers augi.

I'll look at replacing the wire too rc, just wanna get the sucker going today.......

She's a runner!

Couple things, is it really meant to run flat out like that? backing off the throttle to slow the motor down?

I have a fair bit of blowback from where the muffler joins the exhaust... is tightening going to cure this? Don't want to break anything by overtightening.

Just gotta go grab a chain breaker and we should be terrorising the streets this afternoon! :devilish:
the exhaust (& intake) flanges may not be exactly flat, a little attention with a file and your gaskets will last forever...not really, but you get the idea 8)
Sorry, I meant down where the poo pipe joins the muffler, there is leakage coming from the join (bit of unburnt fuel and smoke)
is there a brass washer between the muffler and pipe ?
mine leaked there until I doubled up the washers with some I got from hardware store and ground a little smaller diameter 8)
also mine broke at that connection (flange tore right off) :censored:
they look nice but they don't seem to hold least mine didn't :???:
I don't want to bum you out , but, I believe that a shorter exhaust gave me a significant power gain as well :eek:

Brand new engine- the FIRST hundred/two hundred miles you put on the bike are the most important.

Future/increased performance is assured if you follow the break-in tips specific to your engine.

Once that piston/cylinder get in sync, it's all shrimp and barby. :cool: