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    Ok guys im looking at getting an engine and im real confused, they both have the exact same pictures of there factory but two different manufacturers. Skyhawk says anyone using there pictures will be fined or something but then im not sure who to trust. Skyhawks spelling under the pictures are sometimes miss spelt and Zbox arent so im not sure who copied who. Which one is better?

    Here's the links to the two pages of supposedly there factories.

    To me skyhawk seems a bit dodgy but they say there grubee engines which people say are better, are Zbox engines grubee as well? Im not sure who to buy from, Zbox is cheaper so im not sure. I read someone said Zbox new engine has carby problems so now im really confused.
    Who is better and who should i buy from?

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  2. brisbane_boy

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    hey mate.
    Iv got a zbox 50 kit on one of my bikes and it is good. always starts very reliable and i havent had carby problems. (apart from once wen i got dirt in the jet) but that could happen to any engine if you dont have a fuel filtre. I have only ever bought a fuel tank from skyhawk so cant say anything about their engine but if zbox is cheaper it is deffnitly a good brand. and u will probly find the engines made in the same factory but just had different supplyers. (not sure bout that)

    Hope this helps.
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    I'd go with Zbox....I have a 50cc kit and its been great so far. They've optimised their product over a number of years to sort out little issues, and improve the quality eg. bearings, chain tensioner, chrome plated rear sprocket, heavy duty chain, throttle set up etc. Also quick and easy to deal with - and the price is better! Their web site is better, and they can actually spell! Skyhawk's site looked dodgy to me too. No carby problems either - all you may have to do is drop the needle clip one position to richen up the mixture (had to on mine - now runs like a dream) - but you might have to do this on any brand. No complaints with them here.
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    Both of those engines could have come from the same manufacturer in China. Its probably a toss up. Many people post good things about Zbox here. Haven't heard much about the grubee 2 strokes here in the US as I don't think they are selling them here anymore. (even though their website says they have EPA compliant engines for 2008) The grubee 4 stroke kits are back ordered too. I guess they can't keep up with demand.
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    Neither are "manufacturers"- they are resellers. It is likely they got the engines from the same source.
  6. Mike S

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    I have built the grubee 49 cc 4 stroke kit and my engine works perfectly. It starts on two pulls wiht the choke closed. As soon as it starts I move the choke to 1/2 lean. It's relatively quite and the gears are also relatively quite. My only complaint is all of the motor-assisted bikes could use a transmission to boost take off speed. the bike starts by pedalling and then engaging the clutch. Don't expect performance like mopeds and scooters that are equipped with transmissions. MIke S
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    One more point, I did have trouble with the rear sprocket and had to file the teeth some to get the chain to operate smoothly.
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    Zbox and Grubee have a feud going and won't have anything to do with each other.
    George from MBB is a trustworthy guy but i feel Warren would be the person to buy from,mainly cos his engines are more common here & his parts range extensive.
    It's up to u....both would be fine.
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    i bought my kit yesterday from zbox.