Skyliner (old style) HT engine/SBP shifter kit for sale at cost

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    I'm selling one of my recent builds. Its the older style used Schwinn Skyliner with a Sick Bike Parts Shifter kit. The engine is a Boy Go Fast 65cc engine.

    I'm selling at cost plus shipping and handling.

    Bike: Used Schwinn Skyliner I bought on Ebay for $125.00. It works as it should, has new tires, new derailleur, but is used and has some scratches. Front suspension works perfectly.

    Engine: Engine was purchased 2 months ago from Ebay for 125.00. It has exactly 90 minutes of use on it and is very easy to start and runs great. The engine has upgraded US made head studs and the acorn nuts were replaced with nylon lock nuts.

    SBP Shifter kit (2nd generation version) purchased form SBP for 211.50 including shipping.

    Labor: 12 hours FREE

    Additional upgrades such as replacement intake, exhaust, mounting studs, and front mount spacers are included at no additional cost.

    COST TO YOU is 461.50 plus shipping costs.

    Pictures to follow. The 90 minute ride I took was on a dirt trail and I need to clean the bike up and rinse off the dirt.

    The bike, engine, and shifter kit performed flawlessly. The 34 tooth 1st gear will climb any hill and the remaining 6 gears will allow you to cruise at speeds that exceeded my comfort zone.

    Reason for selling: we just bought a new house and I rather sell it then have to move it.

    Shipping will be via Greyhound to the nearest bus terminal to you. and will be approximately 70 dollars (or less depending on distance) plus cost of greyhound bike shipping box (10 dollars) and one roll of bubble wrap to protect the bike ($15). I ship via Greyhound regularly and a bike I sold 2 weeks ago made it 1200 miles in 2 days!

    If payment is via paypal, please adjust total so payment includes the 3% fee that paypal charges.