Skyliner w/ Unique engine mount

Here she is, enjoy. Note my "secret" engine mount on the front. It 3 bolts, two on the sides and one through the frame. VERY stable and secure. I buy the metric threaded rod from Ace hardware. I also use metric couplers as nuts. The couplers grab a ton of thread and allow me to really apply some serious torque to the studs. The studs are fairly soft and bend around the frame for the install.

The blue tape is temporary to prevent frame scratching during the install process and will be removed later.


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Is that the standard bracket at the bottom of the tube or something you customed?
Its a standard bracket with a hole drilled in the center of it to accept the bolt that goes through the frame.
The bracket holes for the side bolts were also enlarged and the bracket was flattened a bit to make it all work.
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I've probably done a dozen Schwinns this way. The main benefit is that you aren't relying on a single bolt through the frame to hold that engine in place. If it were single bolted, a lost bolt or a nut that fell off could ruin your day.
certainly looks secure. I like the coupler idea to get enough torque without Excellent backyard engineering. :)
Skyliner, I just spot welded the bolt head and nut. I can break the bolt when there is a need. I know what you mean about ruining your day.