slant black 80 cc.

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  1. Dudes of M.B. ,55 years old, First build ,got power Ki. slant black 80 cc. does anyone have a motor like this ,is there any issues with it,don't know about these toy motors, I'm just used to big motors -IS IT A GOOD MOTOR ? -. I mess around with my 350 Chev.thought it would be fun,cruising around,and not coast me $ 60.00 to do so,in gas,bought a schwinn, del mar,beach cruiser,all ready have issues mounting it ,have to replace alot of stock parts,not up to my standards,and weight,got clamshell coming,from florida from maniac,some guy is getting into his web page some way,and using his name to answer me,his parts are mas produced,from china,maniac ,machines his own,have to mike hub,he is supposed to do great work,I hope so,will post,why I get clamshell,hope this is a good motor,herd slant head gives out more power, can I use a 5-w-30-sin. ,for the gas mix,I don't see why this wont work, any info sure will help,thanks to all .

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    These bike engines can be reliable and fun. Check out the 2 stroke and frame mount forums for excellent tips.

    You don't want to use motor oil for your fuel mix.

    Any 2 stroke oil will do fine. Most people mix 20:1 for break-in, then go 24-32:1.
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    Why not use motor oil? Thats what i use?
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    Whoa - make the leap to decaf....:jester:

    This junk is supposed to fun. Relax. Get some two stroke oil. Manic Mechanic is good stuff. He'll take care of you. Take your time.
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    Manic Mechanic has 2 stroke oil?
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    No. Read the OP's post.
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    regular oil has too much ash compared to 2 stroke and unnecessary additives (viscosity index improvers)that may gunk up your engine and foul your plug quicker. 2 stroke oil is best.