Slant head on 6mm head bolts.

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    Have scoured all the slant head posts, no one mentions how to install the 8mm bolt diam. slanty's onto the 6mm bolt style motors. Obviously it has to sit on there centered. Has anyone done this? Is there a way to center it, perhaps with shims. I really want to try these new slant heads. My motor uses 6mm style cylinder bolts.

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    what do you mean with shims?
    I think that you just have to drill out the holes in the cylinder and re-tap them to accept the 8mm studs.
    then you drill out the holes in the head so it will slide down over the bigger studs.
    I have never done this, but i'm thinking that's all you have to do.

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    Ha. Didn't think of that. Would that not be the hard way? The slant heads come with 8mm holes so maybe fill them up with JB weld and center drill them for 6mm? Just want to know if anyone has experience fitting these heads onto the 6mm studs.

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    Actually, maybe they are 8mm studs. Bought the motor from power king 2 years ago? anyone know if they were using 8mm studs. Worse case I can undo a acorn nut and