Slant Head Versus Straight up Spark Plug Head

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    Was wondering what is the difference between these two motors, I have a slant head, actually three of them. I somewhat toasted the first one, the chain came off,damaging the engine drive sprocket, but think engines okay. I got another one, plus spare, I didn't want to suffer, the same fate as I did with the MX5 superbike.
    As I was building and dinking, I took off about 8000s off the head, was that a mistake? I could put a stock head back on, and I'm having vibration problems, which I've noted on this site, oh no, I'm old, and getting brain-dead.

    Noted the engines for sale on Rocksolid are not slant head, their products are great, and seem to be the hot tip. Have I gone the wrong direction? Oh, did I make a mistake again? Thanks for everyone's help, sincerely, John

  2. Fabian

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    Slant heads were designed so engines could be fitted into space restricted frame geometry.
    The best universally accepted method for efficient operation is a centrally located spark plug with vertical orientation, like the Rock Solid Engines cylinder head.
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    Now if you want to be novel and have something a bit special, you could order the twin spark plug cylinder head from crmachineman - it's a very tasty bit of kit with it's own design features/advantages but you will need to run twin CDI's and twin coils. He also makes a nice set of beveled pistons with machined exhaust and transfer ramps.
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    I tested both heads and the center plug head gave the best power.
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    I also tested both heads, the center plug head (aka hemi) got better fuel economy, which is my prime objective. Which leads me to believe the central sparkplug location is the best for effenciency.
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    A twin spark plug cylinder head has redundancy built into the design and it looks so good.

    Sometimes it's all about looks!

    Think of a single spark plug cylinder head as Khloe Kardashian (not your first choice, or your second choice, or even your third choice if you have to look at her, and given other options, but she's still a Kardashian, and a logical conduit to being in company of her prettier sister) and a twin spark plug cylinder head as Kim Kardashian; the kind of presentation that you prefer to look at and ride!!!