slapped this together today

its for a buddy ,did this build today from a bare frame,it was a schwinn,3sp kickback .but no more.i put cantilever brakes. new cables, her up tommorrow.ow ya this was alot of work and playin around......i havent made a ht build for over a year.i had fun:)


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He'll be fine getting fuel, my tank is even worse, I was thinking I should put a rack on my bike to mount my gastank
ht build

my buddy wanted it there,might be that people get them taken away in bc.its mounted good and will get fuel the same back there,ive done it before many questioning the 415 bmx chain i bought?ive always used the original and had great luck with them,i always make sure there perfectly lined up and trued.the motor kit i had was 6 years old and the chain was rusty,so i wanted to change it.:eek:
I prefer the tank in the back too. Doesn't get in the way of my knees, and if I take the bike on anything really rough the petrol spilling a little doesn't worry me :D

What type of paint is on your bike ?

The paint is a Satin black enamel - about $8 a can at my local paint store. 4 Coats on the bike, which took 2 cans. Prep work was having the bike sandblasted & primed, then a bit of light sanding. The engine was painted with a high temperature engine paint in a matte black.

There are a bunch of pics detailing how it was done in my thread here. :)