Slick Vixen 3 Speed?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have been reading & searching the forums and am looking for an answer to the following (if someone knows where to look in the forums I'll go right there or the right searh terms to use)...I want to use a Schwinn Classic SS or Schwinn Classic 3 speed cruiser for my build.

    I have read about the dangers of the coaster brake and I plan on switching the fork out to a ridgid fork with disc brake mounts up front, howevr my question is can I remove the coaster brake on the SS and not have it have any effect on the hub?

    and/or can I remove the coaster brake from the 3 speed and not have it have any effect on the hub?

    and lastly can I use the 3 speed hub that comes on the Schwinn Classic 3 in the first place?

  2. wheelbender6

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    I would never actually remove an operable coaster brake. You may still need it in an emergency.

    Most 3 speed coaster brakes fit the standard sprocket with a little bending of the torque arm. Fit problems arise when using internal 4, 5, 7 and 8 speed hubs and I haven't heard of anyone successfully using a Shimano roller brake on a motored bike (unless using belt drive, vice chain).

    Shimano is rumored to be releasing an internal 3 speed hub with a disk mount soon.
    (Sprockets are available that mount to disk hubs). I hope it costs far less than the pricey 8 spd Alfine, which also has the disk mount.
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    Yup, just keep it and add on the other brakes. I used front and rear pull plus my coaster all the time on my beach crusier :)
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