(slightly adult) motorcycle safety tip

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    Last night I took my 09' softail x bones to the city 60 miles away to get some "oil" (if you follow me) for my little lady and I. I put it in a leather satchel then inside my saddle bag over my muffler.

    Close to my house a car was frantically trying to get my attention, looking back I noticed my saddle bag had caught fire. I am not talking a flicker I mean a full on ghost rider flame! I quickly pulled over and tried to get the bag off. The flames were too bad. I had to get the hose and douse the bike. Upon inspection it appears the bag slipped down to where it was on the pipe during the ride, the heat caused the oil based oil to leak onto the bag and caught fire. Moral of this story...buy water based and keep an eye on your saddlebag.

    No way I will tell the insurance company about this.
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    Why??, I guess you are embarrassed and think you did something stupid...Flash...Flash Insurance companies do in fact pay for stupidity, but not an intensional act. Wife in the insurance business as a claims adjuster for 35 years.

    Question tho....

    Damage in $$$$ - deductable = is it worth it?
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    I have heard of "personal lubricant" that heats on contact, but this is just too crazy!!! :sweatdrop: