Slightly OT: Silly BIke I got- TOTE GOTE!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by huckersteve, Nov 16, 2008.

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    I used to use one of those with an old Wisconsin engine to get up into the mountains to go hunting. As far as I know it is still in my Dad's old shop - I left it there when I went off to college 36 years ago. Given the plate on that one, and the near identical appearance, I wonder if you bought that thing off my brother.
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    my buddy has one...belonged to his dad. used it to haul/drag deer etc. out of the woods.
    the things like a two wheeled tractor.
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    Cool Simon!

    Simon that's awesome you should find out if your old Gote is still there!

    I want people to find these things and mail them to MY HOUSE! I will not be satisfied till I have a herd of Tote Gotes lol!
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    they are cool arn't they

    grandpa had one -- strong THING

    ride that Thing
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    Called my brother - the old totegote is still in Dad's shop. He said he used it last year to go elk hunting from. I never knew about it, but Dad pulled the original rear wheel and stuck a narrowed lawn tractor differential rear end in it with a regular gote wheel outboard on each side. Says it has a 14 wide wheelbase, and will go anywhere.

    I've asked him to e-mail me some pics.
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    Tote Goats were pretty cool back in the day but when the Rokon Trailbreaker came to town they were pretty much forgotten about where I lived.

    They were actually made in my hometown in the old box factory. We had several as I was growing up and although they were slow they would go anywhere. One flew off the trailer at interstate speed once on the way back from a hunting trip and it just skinned the rear rack and tore up one of the handgrips and bent a lever. They still make them today.

    I followed a link from that Rokon pic that I posted and came across this little gem. Back when I grew up in the 60's mini bikes were about the best thing you could ever want and here is a gallery of just about every one ever made and then some. Caution, do not go here unless you have some serious time to waste:
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    You got that right!! I had to bookmark it & back away!! I could get "lost" there, as bad as I do on youtube!! :smilielol5:

    thanks for the link to my childhood!!!