Slim Profile Air Filter too thick!

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    After posting on this forum and discovering that the REALLY nice slim performance air filter is thinner than my crappy stock one, I ordered one from Sick Bike parts and tried to mount it today. On my stock Huffy Cranebrook Beachcruiser with a Grubbee 48cc 2 stroke, the filter assembly is still too #^%$*(())#@)$)#&!@!^&$**#* WIDE!!! Ended up breaking the Honda bond seal between my carb and the stock intake tube. #)%*@*@))$%)%)_#__!!! Guess that I will have to eventually buy an offset tube. Who sells these?
    Just a warning to anybody with my setup-Regards-Gearhead222

  2. here is my fix for that

    i ran into clearance problems also and you can make your own offset for about .85cents from Home Depot. in the copper tubing isle there are a bunch of fittings in 1/2" to coose from. i like the 90 degree turn that is slightly smaller on one end than the other. i JV welded the copper tubing to the stock intake then used teflon tape on the copper to mount the carb. it works fine and you have all the clearance you need. just be sure to kinda mock it up and adjust the angles you like before JV welding.

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    Schweet ride and great idea! Is that a larger size engine than my Grubbee 48cc? If so, what's your average safe speed? Did you have to beef up the drive train any? Take care-Gearhead222
  4. its a Raw 80cc and I've been under the impression that most of these engine blocks are the same and it is a matter of cylinder volume that makes the difference but i could be wrong. i usually cruise around 15-20 mph and i have no idea what wide open is. too chicken to find out. i have been to full throttle but have never let it wind up cuz it is way faster than a bicycle should be. anyway, just take your intake into Homeydepot with you and find something that will fit. i tried a 45degree turn at first but didn't like the looks of it mountede. good luck and God speed!!