Slip and Slide


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Nov 14, 2018
After a wet winter here in SO CAL the water seeps out of the hills and mountains for months. Forming hundreds of streams and many of them cross the roads. As the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine the water on the roads turn to something worse than ICE - ALGAE. Many M/C wipe out in these areas every year. Can you just imagine what it's like on a 26% grade hill with a blind turn at the bottom? Check out the last pic and you can see where some guys rear tire broke loose and he did a burn out as he went through the green water. I don't think he did a burn out on purpose.
I've gone trough green water before. In first gear with my feet down. Only to get to the other side with my M/C facing the wrong direction. Yea my rear tire broke loose. I didn't dare stop in the middle of the stream, but torque and gravity took over and my M/C started to do a 180* by the time I got to the other side my M/C was facing the other direction. I have learned where all the green water is around here. I don't go through it anymore. It's not worth the risk of having my bike go down. Now try to P/U a 700lb M/C in green water algae :ROFLMAO:


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