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    After fixing up my bike a little (leaking fuel line, remounting tank, just some small stuff) i decided to take it out for a spin....ended up going about 8 miles round trip...but on my return i noticed that the clutch seemed to be slipping a progressively got worse, to the point where i could rev the engine to the higest it would go and it would barely accelerate......i checked the clutch cable to see if maybe it was snagged and was still pulling the clutch arm in some, but that wasnt it....arm was out all the way, cable had some play, so the clutch should have been engaged completely.... wondering if maybe the distance took its toll on the motor (i generally would not go more than 4 miles).....and i also had a lot of stops and go's (street crossing, traffic lights, etc) so i had to play the clutch a little to get it to accelerate...

    What would one do to fix this?

    Ill see if the problem persists later on, and if it does i might have to go ahead with the repair/replacement that i hope will be suggested to me...

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    Should just be a simple clutch adjustment. Take your clutch cover off. You will see a "flower nut" in the center of the clutch plate. Remove the little retaining screw, pull your clutch handle in and turn the nut in a half or full turn and replace the retaining screw. While you are in there might as well throw a little grease on your gears.
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    Thanks Ghost, didnt think it would be that simple of a fix...
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