slippery pedals on most standard old walmart beach cruisers

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    What's the material that they apply that you see peeling off on mine? Is that rubber? I can't tell with mine because the material is too old to tell. Its just pelling off and old and stale. And since the old material is peeling off, whats the best material to reapply to slippery plastic type pedals for safety. Here's a few pictures of mine. Thanks

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  2. butre

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    You might get lucky with skateboard grip tape. You can get a 33 inch roll off ebay for about $7, or you might be able to get some scraps at a skateboard shop for free.

    Anti slip tape is cheaper per foot but tends to come in huge rolls that you'll never be able to use up
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    exactly what i was thinking but then a better thought struck me...


    some of those bmx pedals have real TEETH on shins know all too well :jester: anyways, get something decent rather than plastic junk ;)
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    I ended up paying $2 on ebay for a 12x3 inch sheet of skateboard grip tape that works very well