slipping clutch on new Huasheng 4 stroke with freewheel sprocket

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Spanner, May 12, 2012.

  1. Spanner

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    Hi all, Have fittted a huasheng 4 stroke kit, I think its a f142 model, as it has a freewheel sprocket, I assembled the bike on a stand so the rear wheel is off the ground. I can hold the rear wheel while increasing the revs, the clutch throws but resistance is very poor, riding the bike would be impossible as the clutch would be slipping all the time. is there a solution to this problem.?

  2. darwin

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    What kit do you have?
  3. Spanner

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    Its A huaheng 4 stoke with a chain gearbox running to a freewheel sprocket. mounted in a 26 inch bike. From what Im able to gather the clutch shaft is the tapered fit model.
  4. Spanner

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    Ok I have contacted kit supplier and he said that the proper way to operate the bike is to pedal like mad for 50 meters then throttle on,then enjoy the ride. is this correct? or is he blowing smoke up my ####. cause if it is, a lot of pedalling is required to get around the suburbs and I presume on hills. completly different to my 2 stroke where I only have too pedal to start, then Im away, with only minimal pedalling to get over intersections ect. So is there a big difference in the way the 4 stroke kits operate?
  5. Spanner

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    hey just found out its a 2012 49cc Nantong motor that has a duel chain gearbox. yes and the centrifical clutch is rubbish, slipping, if your thinking of buying one It may pay to shop elsewhere.
  6. jbcruisin

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    I have 6 bikes that are all 4 stroke & I never pedal. If I wanted to pedal I wouldn't have engines on my bikes LOL
  7. Spanner

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    Thats what I reckon, thanks for the supportive message.
  8. 4strokr

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    I have that same gearbox, there is 2 things you can do
    1- replace it with a different type
    2- weld up the freewheel inside the gearbox. the gearbox will spin freely when the clutch disengages. no need to have the one way roller.
  9. Spanner

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    Well after looking at the gearbox and clutch bell I found that only half the width of the clutch linings was running inside the bell. (the bell will not sit over the linings fully) and there is no way to adjust around this problem. Update the owner blew the gearbox up, low speed not pedalling, loaded up the box and bang. The chain may have come off and jammed the system, I dont know as I wasnt there. I think having a long unsupported output shaft to the small freewheel sprocket is prone to have problems, and the freewheel sprocket is faulty as well, So the motors good but the gearbox is junk.