Clutch slipping clutch?

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    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone knows if this is the cause of my problem?
    I went to the store, and while I had my "80" cc chinese 2 stroke motorbike parked outside, some kid was playing with the throttle... (the security guard told me he told him to leave the bike alone) He opened the throttle all the the way up, and when I came out there was a puddle of gas/oil mixture on the ground, its like the float bowl was overflowing and gas was pouring out of the carburetor. (that taught me to close the fuel petcock next time I park it anywhere)
    The gas collected on the area above the clutch arm...
    Ever since then, the clutch slips so much I cant even get the bike started...
    when that brat opened the throttle, and the oil gas was leaking out, could it have worked its way through that crack where the metal meets on the engine, and got on the clutch pad?
    I can remove the spark plug, and then it will turn without having to fight the compression.
    It would start perfectly before, this is the only X variable that I can think of that could have caused this.
    Does this sound plausible to those who know more than I do, and is there a fix? (Oh, why did Mike go to Windsor when I need him, must have been a Wiz in or something, lol)
    If you can help, I would appreciate it, thanks everyone :)