Carby Slower with a racing carby?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by agrmodz, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Just put my other carby back on, it goes way faster...... why is that... I like the look of the racing carby, but it goes to slow... any suggestions to get my top speed on the racing carby?
  3. I'll be honest, I don't know much abut that particular carburetors. However I've known NT carbs to GET the float stuck sometimes Ira as simple as a few taps with a screwdriver on the bottom of the bowl? Or jets need changed.
    Did you have to.shape the pin to a point like a Tooth pick? I know some require that and you gotta know what your doing. Or maybe you need different jets /SIZE MATTERS. Good luck
    keep posting when you figure it out.

    It doesn't have that little nub where the barrel needs to align up does it? That would just make you're engine scream or.....
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    I think its the jet. but my other jet is different and won't fit in it. Would it do any harm to put the motorbike looking airfilter on my faster nt stock carby??
  5. Well, I put a "HIGH VELOCITY INTAKE MANIFOLD/VALVE" On my NT Carb, its supposed to increase the airflow into your Carb.
    Mine! Would only run 1/2 choked and SHITTY at that. So I tried EVERYTHING with this paperweight, & after I did that it wasstuck on full throttle after weeks of head scratching it wad a simple air leak causing (fullthrottle) new gasket at the engine? No problem so I honed it out with a carbide tip dremmel tool and used it to hold my "motorcycle " airfilter runs good mow better than plastic sponge
    So if you. Try to mount that on your NT Carb? Like I did? You gotta have enuff Carb to. Grab onto and hold it there
    OTHERWISE you'll lose it on yje street and a car will run it over and smash IT like I did. Or it got smashed under my wheel. Idunno how? But it was crushed by the time I turned around.
    Follow ME?
  6. It might need to be ported? It could and probably is something simple. Dido you contact the mfgr?
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  8. I read that thread/link those velocity adapters are garbage. I couldn't use it for bike. PAPERWEIGHT
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    a standard motor runs best with a standard carb
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    the standard carb is a POS without an idle circuit and the needle has the wrong taper for this engine.
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    The three secrets to 2 stroke performance are jetting, jetting, jetting!
    Most "race" carbs come jetted rich which means sluggish performance. Ya gotta get a jet kit with the carb when you buy it.
    The factory carb is set up only slightly rich, to allow for manufacturing variation and cold weather.

    Buy a selection of jets and read up on "PLUG CHOP".

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    Thank you! I'm buying a few jets tonight!!! I'll let you know how it goes! :)