Small Barrel shaped gas tank..

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  2. Ebay has them on occassion. You just have to watch. I got one that came off a garden tiller, in the industrial and agricultural sections......
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    where can i get a bike like this one with the barrel shaped tank?
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    have fun finding a bike like this it is a 1942 Cyc Auto
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    Yep, E Bay is probably the best choice. These type tanks were on old Briggs & Stratton, Lauson, & other engines. Beware of excess rust inside !
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    I've always wanted to use one of those Heinekin mini kegs for a gas tank, just a thought.

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    Done. Don't have the bike to put it on yet, but I split the cost with my Marine Corps sergeant neighbor of one of the mini-kegs - he drank the beer, I got the empty keg (carefully handled to avoid dents).

    I took 3/4" wide 14 gauge copper strips and formed two loops around it , with a mating notch half lap where it came together, then turned the excess out and doubled it on itself to form mounting feet, which I put brass 3/8" grommets in. When I applied the straps, I laid teflon plumbers tape under the copper to prevent contact with the aluminum. For the fill spout I used a 1" copper pipe flange, male theaded, and a mating pipe cap with an O ring fitted tightly inside. I drilled a 1/16 vapor relief hole in the cap, with a flat disc from an electric outlet box soldered to one side of a star type lock washer and the other side spot soldered in three places. The star washer holds the flat slug away from the inside of the cap well enough for vapor to escape, but not far enough for sloshing to spout out. Hardest part was shaping the pipe flange to fit the inside curve of the keg.

    Fuel line petcock is a marine ball valve made from aluminum with a ceramic seat that the guy at the local speed boat shop gave me - his supplier had sent the wrong size for his needs.

    Once done I sprayed it with clearcoat exterior grade polyurethane, 800 grit wet sanded lightly, rubbed it out with 000 steel wool, then repeated. 5 coats in total - final coat is satin finish.

    My camera is defunct, so no pics to show - wish I had some of the process.
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    i think i might try the mini keg thing.... i fount them cheaper then remade tanks so whats there to loose...
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    well i just got a mini keg to make into my gas tank... i am wondering if its going to be safe... here is what i got...