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    Hi, so, during a ride, my engine decided to stop working and it lost compression. I found that the problem was the small bevel wheel. The pin, or whatever it is that holds it in place, was gone and the bevel wheel itself had a fine crack in it. Ive got the correct spare parts for it, but how the hell do I put them back on? I needed no tools except for a screwdriver to undo the bolt/screw, and the bevel wheel just lifted off with ease because of there being no pin. Please help

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    if the end of the crankshaft wasn't chewed up by that gear spinning, it should be just a reasonably tight fit to get the new gear on

    be sure the woodruff key is the right size by placing it into the slot in the gear before starting to put the gear on - if it is right, then put the key into the shaft and carefully start pushing the gear on

    watch the key to see that it is staying in place and then begin to tap the gear onto the shaft with a mallet (a small mirror helps to check that the key is right as the gear goes on)

    if the key doesn't behave, you might try a bit of super glue on it before starting to put the gear on

    tighten the bolt firmly with an impact driver, then remove spark plug and spin all to see that gear doesn't have a wobble motion as it turns
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    Thanks man, all sorted and runs like new!