small ROTARY engine (wankel) wanted of 1-2 hp

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by microe45, May 11, 2012.

  1. microe45

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    i'm thinking of powering my bicycle with a small rotary engine. does anybody know of a company who manufacture small rotaries ? who has got one for sale? please let me know: microe45 at gmaildotcom many thanks!

  2. Cavi Mike

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    Besides hobby engines, I think Sachs is the only company that made a small rotary but even they're absolutely huge for a bicycle.
  3. microe45

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    rotary bike

    you are right. even their smallest ones are far to big and powerful. 1 or 2hp would be fine. a rotary of that size should weigh no more than 300-500 grams. imagine something like that inside the front wheel...
  4. darwin

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    Go to smallenginewarehouse and look at the Sachs motors they have......2.5 hp I think.
  5. Silvaire

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    Darwin, ya made me look...

    The only Sachs engine I can currently find at is a normal (but very ancient) 90cc two stroke with a huge round fan shroud on it:, 2.5HP @ 3000 RPM, 3.7HP @ 5000 RPM, 90cc

    If I missed a rotary Sachs engine there, please post a link!

    Sachs did indeed made a Wankel engine - and even a rotary engine lawn mower - back in 1972.
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  6. microe45

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    wankel power

    thanks guys, sachs did a chainsaw back in the 70th using a wankel power. and never again... i heard it wasn't popular because it didn't have a chainbrake.
  7. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    I didn't know what that motor was besides a sachs, just thought it might be what you wanted.
  8. Dankoozy

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  9. grinningremlin

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    Your temptation would go away if they posted the price.I looked into them years ago (RC flyer) they are SUPER EXPENSIVE!
  10. Dankoozy

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    I just saw on some other forum that it uses 25% oil mix. So you'd probably leave a black trail on the road behind you and a string of car crashes where ever you go. There are a couple of those engines on ebay, about the cost of 2 new GX25/35's but a wankel engine on a bike would be fierce unusual altogether
  11. keatonx

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    I'm actually making a motoredbike/motorcycle (depends if i can register as a motorcycle) with a sachs KM48 Wankel engine. 160cc, 8hp stock@5000rpm (and I read that they will go to 11 000rpm ungoverned!!!)

    Only problem- I only have the main engine block (housing, rotor, side plates etc). I got it in peices from my schools auto shop, and they didnt know anything about it. I need to cut down some mazda RX7 apex seals to fit in it, grind an oil passage, make some gaskets, make some custom oil seals, modify a 4 stroke weed wacker ignition and flywheel to fit,........(goes on forever)
  12. Racie35

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    The os Wankel is a .10 sized model aircraft engine...So 3 times that swept is .30.....hardly enough to do much more then make noise.... They were a novelty in the rc world.
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    Greetings Silvaire,
    Haven't seen one of your posts in a long time. thought
    you'd completely dropped off the radar.