smaller chainring for 1-piece BB

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    Here is my new chainring from Dimension (20$). I have recently learned a 35$ lesson. chainrings for 1-piece cranks come in 2 sizes: 22mm (0.8661") and 24mm (0.9449"). The American I believe is the 24mm and I am assuming 22mm is for European cranks as seen on Harris Cyclery (Sheldon Brown). Please correct me if I am wrong. The Dimension was acquired from I actually like Dimension products, simple. The RaceLine (aluminum) was purchases a Bad Monkey (best local bike shop) The cool part was the back of the Dimension (steel) chainring, if I was not going for black I would have used a spacer and flipped it over. I also acquired a new pintle (1/2 link) chain which I believe looks much stronger. I highly recommend this type of upgrade for any single-speeders, especially beach cruisers. Large chainrings are good for flat areas, but if you live in a hilly area or if you just don't like the torque required to pedal 44t, try smaller. Makes gearing similar to BMX. Helps to get started when pointing uphill from a dead stop.

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