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Hello everyone. My name is Mr. Michael J. Beninate. I live in Montana. I am the author of the book "How to Be Debt Free Fast!" and I also promote anti-aging products and a new product that is patented as a cancer drug. It is sold as a nutritional supplement and not as a drug. That way millions more people can use it as a preventative. It helps many more conditions than cancer. I'll be glad to send information about it to anyone who requests it.

My motor kit is the Golden Eagle 32cc Tanaka 3300. I've had it a few months but haven't been riding it all that time due to weather or other technical problems.

It is mounted on a Raleigh Gruv 2.0 comfort bicycle. The design has the cranks much farther forward than regular diamond frame bicycles. This position allows the rider to sit on the seat with his feet on the ground. The owner of the RANS Bicycle company coined the term "Crank Forward" to describe this riding position, which is abbreviated CF, the same as carbon fiber. This position is really much more comfortable than conventional bicycles.

The bicycle fork is a shock type and the rear end is solid. Knowing that I would be going faster than pedaling speeds I bought a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seat post. It is a parallelogram with rubber bushings. It allows the body to maintain a more uniform distance from the pedals as it absorbs the shocks. It is really great. I won't own another hard tail upright bike without one.

This type of seat post shock travels backward as it absorbs the bumps. This necessitated that my motor be placed farther back than the stock arrangement. I had to fabricate a different length strap to attach the front of the rack mount. The first one worked for a while until it snapped from fatigue. I couldn't find any suitable metal thick enough to not flex. What I ended up doing was creating two side straps, one mounted on each side of the support bracket. Then I attached those to the two rack mounting holes on the frame by the seat post. It is working fine. As a backup there is another longer strap attached under the motor, just like the first one I fabricated. It is good to have a backup system.

My motor is camouflaged to avoid undue attention from criminals or police. I bought a black plastic crate and cut the bottom out of it. Then I mounted it to surround the motor. It doesn't block the entire motor. The exhaust needed to be clear of obstructions. It does a good enough job. If I could find a metal crate I could totally conceal the motor. That would be the optimum solution for me.

On level ground my bicycle has a top speed of about 30 miles per hour (mph) with the highway gear. The people at Golden Eagle say it should be getting me along at 33 mph. I only weigh about 150 pounds. This speed is calculated by using an online gear inch and speed calculator. I don't have a speedometer yet. A rider on an ATV with a speedometer said my top speed was 26 mph. A parked unmanned radar detector said my top speed was 23 mph. Until I get a properly calibrated speedometer I won't know the top speed.

The same goes for my miles per gallon (mpg). My estimates are about one mile per ounce of fuel, which equates to 128 mpg. If this is correct it is not very good. I was told that by the time it is broken in the mileage will be between 140 and 160 mpg. I hope so.

I have ordered a center stand to replace the side stand. To complete my bicycle I need to get full fenders, a speedometer, a front disc brake, and a set of lights. All in due time.

My digital camera fell off its belt mount while riding the bike and was lost last June, so I can't take any photos to post here. When I find a good camera at a good price I'll take some pictures and post them.

I'm eager to get some of my questions answered about riding and bicycle components. If I can help with answers to questions about my setup I'll be glad to do so.

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Welcome to MBc. Somewhere in amongst the threads, I read a detailed account of someone doing a rack mount on a RANS Fusion CF. So there's probably info relevant to yours.
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i'm glad i finally found this really cool intro :)

i'm a GEBE/Tanaka-33 noob who's never going back, you can check out my setup down in "rack-mount"...if you wouldn't mind, i'd like some input about how yours has performed lately...mileage/mpg/topend/"watch out"s

welcome to the MBc :cool:


Hey Small wheels, You had me scared at first it sounded like a TV commercial but after that, it fell right into place.


I am one of Citi and First Banc's worst nightmare. I dont borrow money and I refuse to grow up so I have the anti aging thing covered. So I may not be a customer for what you sell, but brother welcome to the MBc tribe from the Giant Side of Texas! We are glad you found us!