Smash my hand today. OUCH

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KDC1956, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. KDC1956

    KDC1956 Member

    I was helping a friend today cutting down a tree for him and some how this darn tree
    jump back at me and grab my left hand and smash the living **** out of it.Its not broke but it sure does hurt like you know what/:ack2: I said a few words too then got real sick darn near lost my lunch.This one hand typing sucks. lol And a few of my parts came in for my bike/trike
    came in last night too.You guess it I can't put them on for a while now:icon_cry:
    Now I have to wait some more but my parts are pretty anyway.

  2. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Ah, c'mon, KDC!

    What's a smashed hand got to do with working on your bike? I only have one hand, and only the first two fingers and the thumb work on that. You just have to find work-arounds.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    yes it seems at times like we just never learn

    and those THINGS happen so darn fast -- glad that -- it sounds like -- your hand will be ok

    so as to ride the motor bike THING