Smell like gas?!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by scubaru89, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. scubaru89

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    So I've had my motorized bike running now for about a day. I find myself wanting to go everywhere with it, its awesome!

    Problem is I can't tell if its making me smell like gas & two stroke exhaust.

    I have a small leak where the fuel shut of valve threads into the tank, so my hands often smell like fuel from that. I really want to be able to use this to go everywhere but if I'm gonna smell like two stroke all the time I might reconsider my uses.

    Anyone have any issue with the smell? I don't hate the smell of two stroke, its just if its setting into my clothes and I "wear" it all day.

  2. Ludwig II

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    How much is likely to be the unburnt fuel in the exhaust wafting aroung as you ride it?
  3. scubaru89

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    Well I parked it outside of my building for class, came back out an hour and a half later and there was a little wet spot right under the exhaust, so I might be running rich. I also need to fix the leak from the fuel tank cause its dripping onto the cylinder head and that could be dripping down the exhaust.
  4. motorpsycho

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    use some teflon tape on the threads of the fuel valve if it's leaking from there. sometimes the valve itself will leak where the shut off arm is.
    all that's in it is a small o-ring and if the o-ring is bad, it will leak.
    it's normal for a 2 stroke to drip out of the exhaust, it's unburned oil.
    it will collect inside the muffler and it can eventually clog the muffler up over time.
    if you're running a 20:1 mix fopr break in, you will see a lot of drips out of the exhaust.
    once it's broken in and you go to 32:1 or 40:1 there will be less drips.
    I run mine at 40:1 and it always drips oil out of the's just part of owning a 2 stroke.

    yes, you will smell like 2 stroke exhaust when you ride....there's no way to get around it other than adding a long exhaust pipe that dumps the exhaust out further behind you.(like by the rear axle).
  5. scubaru89

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    I've been trying to find a way to seal that fitting but wasn't sure if teflon tape could hold up to gasoline. Also I don't think mine had an O-ring on it. I'm gonna take it all apart today and see whats going on.

    I figured the dripping was normal, I am running roughly 7 oz to 1 gallon (18:1) for the break in. I hope the smell of exhaust gets blown back, I just don't want to be saturated in the smell.
  6. Purple Haze

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    It's mostly a dialing-in process. Find and fix all leaks. A little grease or petroleum jelly on the gas cap seal will help, that's a big problem with these kits. Also, don't fill the tank completely full. Then get your carb dialed-in and leak-free. This usually will be all you need to do to have a relativily odorless engine. Today's 2 stroke oils burn very clean, and with the correct jetting and a properly functioning ignition system, there will be very little to no exhaust fumes to deal with.
  7. scubaru89

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    Awesome! I'll be sure to try the Teflon tape and checking all other spots. I did upgrade my spark plug to an NGK plug which is running good. So now to adjust my carb.
  8. Max-M

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    I recommend replacing the cheap, "kit" fuelcock with this one from Sick Bike Parts:

    Just use some teflon tape on the threads, and you'll be in good shape. Plus, it looks a whole lot better than the crummy kit valve!

    Also, as a four-stroke rider, I've heard that complaint about other riders smelling like exhaust. I frequently ride to my business office, and that would definitely not be a good thing! (There's another advantage of the 4-stroke engine.)

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  9. grinningremlin

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    I've noticed my recumbent creates an air-bubble around the back of me, I can turn my head to the left at full speed and smell exhaust, need access to a wind-tunnel. 2 stroke smell lingers after the bike is cool, but 4 stroke is still stinky.
  10. scubaru89

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    Well I'm working at Advance Auto right now and had some free time so I threw a rubber gasket on the leaking gas tank, sealed her up good! Now to fine tune the carb so it runs with less unburnt gas but not lean.

    I dot mind if I smell like exhaust coming to work at Advance, I smell like enough automotive parts here. It's mostly school and my other job.