Smoke coming from engine!!!

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  1. Today when I tried to start my bike my exhast pipe was apparently not tight so I had fuel leaking on my bike frame and engine. So I started it back up and I had the chain pop off because the chain wheel that the bottom half of chain sits on to keep the chain tight had came off too. So I stopped and I went to hit the kill switch because there was a lot of whitish gray smoke coming from the exhast seal. The engine kept racing higher and higher I thought something was going to explode! I had the killer switch wired wrong I think so I immediately turned the fuel valve off. It stopped the engine within 60 seconds. If I did anything above incorrectly please tell me, and if u have any suggestions on how I could have prevented this let me know as well. I am a 2 day newbie. I really need wisdom from the more experienced.thx you guys have been a ton of help.

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    engine racing without opening the throttle happens when there is an air leak, usually where the carburetor mounts to the intake manifold.
    find the leak and seal it.
  3. Also which fuel to oil ratio is bethere for brake in period 32:1 or 16:1. I read on this forum that 32:1 is better.
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    fuel to oil
    20:1 regular "mineral" oil
    25:1 semi-synthetic oil
    30:1 full synthetic oil

    any glue that is gasoline resistant can be used to seal an air leak
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    Use Permatex Gasket adhesive and sealer,,, there are two types,,, I have for the last twenty years of automotive repair and engine rebuilding and also Motorcycle / dirt bike / ATV used the Permatex COPPER gasket seal,,, this stuff is great, it comes in a can with a applicator brush and you just lightly coat all mating surfaces and this stuff lightly expands and as you tighten things up the small bits of liquid copper spread out and seal everything.....its also great in that it like liquid Teflon and does not ruin any Gaskets and is easily removed with Carburetor Cleaner... Other Gasket sealers I have used are very tacky and dry hard like glue and destroy all gaskets..... USE THE COPPER GASKET SEALER BY PERMATEX ON EVERYTHING,,, IT IS GREAT FOR BASE,, HEAD,, EXHAUST,, and INTAKE GASKETS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,trust a PROFESSIONAL and I swear by this stuff,,,,, use it once and you will see what I mean and fall in love with it too,,,, I HAVE NEVER HAD A GASKET LEAK OR BLOW USING THIS COPPER STUFF,,,GREAT FOR HEAD GASKETS,,,,,TRUST ME<<< WHAT YOU GOT TO LOSE
  6. What is it called and brand?
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    When you turn off fuel and let the engine run until the carb is empty, it will always increase the idle just before it dies.
    Depending how you ran the throttle cable, just turn the handlebars can make you rev.

    This kill button is simple, it shorts out the black and blue wires going to the CDI.
    If you are using the white wire, just cut the useless thing off and wire the button across the back and blue.
  8. Which kit was that?