Smoked by a 50!....Sniff sniff ;-(

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by andyinchville1, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Ok....I pull up as the first vehicle at a newly red stop light....I'm minding my own business when I hear the muffled hum of a scooter that has just pulled up beside me....The kid....probably no more than 16 or so asks about my bike (Specialized Rock hopper w/ 70 CC and 44T), He seems intrigued and wanted to know more about it, so I signaled for him to meet me across the light down at the end of the parking lot at the store where I was headed to anyways....

    Still at the light he wanted to see what my bike would do....Feeling a little cocky I figured I'd wow him.... so I anxiously waited for the green....Concentration was intense. I blipped the throttle to keep the engine from loading up...My leg muscles tensed...ready to supply a quick burst of speed to assist the little 70 to glorious victory at the stop light drags..

    The light turns green....I push the pedals with a massive heave....all while revving the engine and feathering the clutch for that perfect launch off the line.....Easy prey I think to myself.....Visions of victory celebrations at the tour de france dance in my head....Ahhhh....I had just cut the perfect light.

    Suddenly....I note the pungent smell of burning oil....Reality sets in and I
    realize that I have been breathing in vapor trails of unburnt 2 stroke oil from my pedalless adversary....I ease off the throttle as we approached the 26 MPH mark since acceleration was no longer happening at an acceptable rate....Well that at the fact that he was already waiting for me at the lot!

    Humbled...I pulled along side him and asked what his machine was packing....He looked at me from behind his visor....calmly opened his face shield and softly said...."Stock 50"......My heart fell....I was crushed ..

    Moral: Beware the 50 CC scooter!

    My thoughts: Revenge will be sweet and it will be mine!

    Any ideas on this?...We must unite against the scooter hoards! ;-)

    On the positive side tho: a man saw the for sale signs on my bike at another light (whew no scooters in sight) and asked me for some literature....that helped my wounded pride a little! HA


  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    that's why a torque converter is better than a centrifugal clutch on the 4strokes !
    at least the next light was better for your ego :D
  3. He may be faster but these motoredbikes are just simply cooler than a scooter PERIOD IMO.
    Scooters are made for kids, if I were a kid I'd love to have one and I'd look right riding one but adults on scooters just looks funny to me.

    Dont ever forget the custom modding that can be done with a bicycle that can make it a one-of-a-kind ride.

    Oh sure you could mod a scooter but its still just a scooter :grin:

    These are just my opinions and its ok for others to disagree :grin:
  4. Patch

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    I bet $20 that if anything ever broke on his 'scooty-puff-jr.' He'd be dumbfounded and he'd pay $300 to replace an intake gasket. :cool:
    There is still confidence to be found in building and repairing YOUR bike...not some vespa company doing all the work for you RIDE ON :D
  5. HA...Good points guys...You are right...scooters and standard mopeds are fairly commonplace here BUT everybody notices the Super Cycles (What I advertise the 70 CC engine kits on a bike as).

  6. OldPete

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    Even 50cc scooters have a transmission and none do not get 150~200mph@30mph.
  7. srdavo

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    hehehe...good story, Andrew. You really won in the cool-factor race.
  8. So I guess the main reason they are so fast is the transmission?....I was of the theory that the light weight of our bikes and the added displacement should at least have a chance to lead a little... I mean at least for a short while....BUT this guy had me from the jump, mid range AND top end....Clean sweep.....AARG

  9. I can live with being slower than most as long as I dont get beat by some old foogy on a "little rascal"
  10. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    The few times I challenge traffic going red light to red light, I usually keep right up, zip on the right shoulder to the front of the line again while traffic backs up.

    If I lived in the county seat, I could shortcut those wide streets and avenue pretty quickly.

    Every busy street has a parallel street going in the same direction, with less traffic and more serene rides.
  11. About scooters

    Just a little clarification or just my 2 cents, whichever you prefer. As I said in my newbie greeting a week ago, I got into these motor bicycles because I missed my two recently sold scooters, a stepless "new Pioneer" and a Geeley Linhai Yamaha. There are so many reasons not to feel bad about or good about beating or losing to a scooter that I don't know where to start. Both of mine were 50cc engines. The New Pioneer was a stepless (read that as being exactly as our bicycle engines are) and could not get out of its own way at a max of 30 mph on level or even straight down the side of mt. baldy. Centrifigul clutch that took forever to make it past walking speed followed by a 45 second struggle to it's screaming engine max of 30 mph. Then again theres the other, the Linhai yamaha .... 3 speed variater (read that like a mini comet torq a verter) 57 mph right outta the box, $835 delivered (New,Ebay Storefront) quiet, engine purred, NEVER strained, almost faded away in the wind noise at near 60mph.

    My point is that with scooters there is no way to tell from an ebay ad that doesn't give enough info, how an import off brand scooter will respond.
    If it claims speeds over 40 it's going to have a 'transmission' like variator which changes the driven gear ratios. My $835 Linhai smoked Yamaha Vinos regularly,and the Vino is a legitimate and expensive dealer 's showroom scooter. In conclusion, you can be neither proud nor sad at victory or loss in a race with a scooter because you were either so badly outclassed and "variatored" ... or you only won a race against a 169 pound stepless , sporting more weight but sometimes even less cc power than your bicycle and with wheels 1/3 the size.
  12. Lowell

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  13. DougC

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    Old scooters use torque convertors, a lot of newer ones have 2- and 3-speed auto transmissions.

    This page is a place that sells Lifan moped/motorcycle engines: notice that even the smallest (50cc) one is paired to a 3-speed automatic. -And it doesn't cost a lot, either...