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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bughuggger, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. bughuggger

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    Will this smokeless 2-cycle oil I found at True Value be good enough for my motor? I know they recommend to use motorcycle quality oil, so I've got some made for outboard motors.


  2. kallsop

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    There are two kinds of oil used for outboards. You almost certainly have the lesser of the two. The verdict is still out on the lower quality oil. Outboards work very hard but they also are generally well cooled.

    I'm running the dirt cheap Walmart brand outboard oil in my 66cc engine, no worries for me but to each his own. These Chinese engines when stock are low power output but if you have an expansion pipe and run at 7500rpm all day long I could see some peace of mind from spending more on the oil. The engine costs, what, $90? I can't see spending much money on oil. It's not like you are protecting a very expensive and high output Rotax engine.
  3. Mountainman

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    no smoke ??
    that takes the fun out of it !!

    truly -- never heard of that -- wouldn't wish to be the first to try it.....

  4. biken stins

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    Running the G-Oil from Green Earth Technologies.
    Go off recommended usage.
    Add a oz or so of regular 2 stroke oil.
    Gives it a bit of the aroma that is missing.
    With the flash point being 262 degrees wanted something oiling the lower end.
    So far so good. price is on the high end. As always shipping price was high.
    It does however decrease the smoke very well.
    Now to get the bees in a tin can sound out.