smoking up a HT...the best modification of all!!! ha ha ha :)

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    pretty cool (okay...really HOT)..... what are you going to cast??

    We'll need some vids of you pouring into molds & such.
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    hmmmmph! which area is this moved to now? melting stuff is tech talk! grrrr...


    um. anything and everything. right now, im making a new rocker cover for the lil subaru25, so it can have a head mount/lug/attachment point, plus maybe the sump pan, ditto. mounting points. though that bits already alloy so can be welded if need be... lot of machining otherwise :( rocker covers plastic. no welding... :(

    future? ive been designing up a v-twin 50cc 4stroke, along the lines of a HT. clutch, simple gear redux, fits most frames(maybe more towards the choppers/lowriders)... RELIABLE. hopefully be able to go commercial with it...

    (the setups improved somewhat from the video... and once the designs worked out, china is cheap :) )

    yes, ill post a few more vids as time goes on and i remember/can manage the puter and its issues...
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