Snapped Head Bolt?


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6:46 PM
Feb 19, 2008
Sacramento, CA
I was torquing the head bolts and I heard a loud snap, not a good thing. How do I go about replacing it? I already have m6 threaded rod.

I'm afraid to take it apart I just got it!
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Do you mean you torqued the bolts with a torque wrench, or guessed ?
If you used a torque wrench, what setting was it set at ?

can you post some pics ?
I was using a small click stop torque wrench set to 10 lbs.

I'm pretty sure one of them is broken.
undo the bolt you think is broken. If it's broken then you have a job to do.
If it's not broken, then loosen and smear some oil or spray some CRC under the bolt between the alloy of the head and re-tension. Do that to all other bolts one by one.
Yup, I call that broken!

The bad news is that it is broken. Very broken.
The good news is that it didn't sheer at the base, but near the very top.

I'm a positive person, so at least this happen to me now instead of later, giving me a chance to upgrade to quality parts. I just want my Happy Times!

Click for large image.
there are 12 in. lbs in a ft. lb----breaking that bolt is an indication of the quality of the metal in the. go to a hardware store and replace with quality bolts. not only will they break but you cant get true torque specs. because those bolts also stretch.
I already have a meter of 6m all thread. I'm just dreading taking apart the engine to get the bolts out! Is there anything I should be careful about when I take it apart as to not damage anything?
I just took it all apart and cut some new head bolts and replaced them put the cylinder and the head on.

Should I have used loctite? and should I have put made a new gasket for it?

I'm scared to torque it again
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