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    Here's a look at my ride i've been building and tuning, and it's getting there. This weekend i did a bit of tuning and am starting to get it uncorked nicely. I'm getting enough power to maybe hit 18-20mph, roost from a standstill by clutch dropping, and lift the front wheel with a blip of throttle from any speed. Actually at almost any speed i can grab a handful and loop out. It also drifts nicely on dirt and i can hang a foot inside forward and spin donuts like an overpowered miniature dirtbike. It's a tad bit heavy in the rear when bunnyhopping but it'll fly nice off even a little kicker.

    This week i'm going to cut my ports out a bit more, trim my piston skirt, up the compression a bit more and maybe go dual carbs as i'm about at the limit of what i can do with one. I need more fuel/air. I'm also considering fabbing an expansion chamber and a bigger exhaust port by tapping some wider holes in the head and making a new flange and fatty chamber inlet. I've got a bunch of other mods in the works for it.

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  2. Mountainman

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    that's very cool
    that MB has much class

    Mountainman out here in the back country -- shouldn't be seen on it

    but I know you look good

    as you ride that motor bike thing
  3. srdavo

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    I like it !!

    I even took your story a step farther:
    (have I gone too far?) :smilielol5:

    Seriously.... I DO like it! (ask anybody... I like all the bikes that are a little different. I've been thinking of rackmounting one of these engines on my homebent.)

    Keep up the good work!!
  4. lordoflightaz

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    OMG, now I know what to do with that little frame I have in the back yard.
  5. TheMotoCrossFairY

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    Those are high performance racing flowers, they add 3/4 hp, and the banana seat gives me monster torque!

    My next question is:

    Who wants to race FairyCross? I'll be at deathrace with it and if anyone wants to race me offroad. I'm looking to become FairyX world champion this year.