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    I see from my last post here all the snobs came out.
    And all I was trying to do was help a little.
    Guess its better I leave the site.I thought it was a good place to get help and help out but I see its all about SNOBS.I see how some are now.Not all are SNOBS but the ones out here know who they are.It really **** me off that folks still do this to people.I want to use bad words but I want.All I have to say it for the most part I have enjoy this site untill that last post I made. Then it went DOWN hill fast.Maybe a new name for this site could be SNOBS WE ARE.

    Good Day !!!!!

  2. stude13

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    dont take it personal.
  3. uncle_punk13

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    Don't let 'em get to ya'. Those of us who have been around awhile know these types come and go on the rising and falling tide of what's currently hot. They are not the true hardcore builder riders. Just kids on the playground following the next cool thing, so they can play the game of the image but no substance scenesters; just nowhere games of who's better who's best. In reality, what does it matter what they think when they will be gone in short time, having moved on to the next 'shiniest-gee-whiz-go-bang-plasticized thing on the block'...
    Hang out awhile longer and do your own thing your own way...:cool:
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    This thread belongs in off-topic, the White Zone or Forum Suggestions.
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Stick around, KDC.

    We need everyday people like you and me to make our MB's simply run and look better.:grin5:
  6. Accender

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    I did not read your last post. But this site is very friendly. Thicken up your skin a bit?
    This is the interweb ya-know, just hangout and enjoy!

  7. jimraysr

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    What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business

    i have seen several areas of the world thought of as being the ruination of the nation. I am not smart enough to really know.

    Regardless of what I think I know and profess, the only real opinion that counts is what I think of myself. That is my truth for today and tomorrow it may be different. I try not to take myself too seriously and allow others the right to be wrong. )

  8. graucho

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    Ive been here 13 months and almost jumped ship a dozen times. Ive seen hundreds come and go in just a year. The ones that were the biggest pain aren't even here anymore. If I would have left because of them, it would of been for nothing.

    I have 3 family members that joined that used to post from my house that flew the coop because of negativity here. (ok with me, i get more computer time)

    90% of us appreciate any kind of new information. Enjoy the company of that 90%. Let the rest just roll off your shoulders. :sunny:
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  9. Mountainman

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    the WallMart thread ????

    I think that you are talking about your WallMart thread

    as we know in this country
    most do shop there
    a few don't
    not a big deal... last I heard -- still a free country

    can't please everyone all the time -- especially on the internet !!!

    let it go -- get on with the MB show

    ride the motor bike thing
  10. HoughMade

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    Everyone uses products from China. Everyone- whether they want to admit it or not. Pay no attention to those who want to take a stance about nothing.
  11. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Our popular Schwinn bicycle and many others are now made in China.

    Funny how no one boycotts them.:devilish:
  12. elewayne

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    It's hard to know what to say about Walmart or the china thing in general.
    There was an artical written by someone for the news. They wanted to boycott Walmart too, Chinese goods in general. Then they started doing research about China imports and came to the conclusion that boycotting Chinese goods at this time was useless. We're in way too deep already.
    Most toys your kids want are made in China, My shop is full of tools made at least in part in China, I can't affrod American made tools for my part time hobby use. That's if I could find any tools still made in America. Shoes are made there, most of our clothes are made there. Those funny little bike engines are from there. Also most of the bike frames we would use are from there too. They are loaning the government money at an unbelievable/scary rate. (Just try boycotting all Chinese stuff for a while.)
    I ask no one to shop at Walmart, I hardly ever go there myself but I'm not sure what boycotting them would do exactly. I guess you could stand outside with your protest sign you nailed together with your Chinese hammer, while wearing you Chinese shoes and cloths. Then you could go in later any buy that new poplar toy your kid wants for Christmas and can't live without, and ride home on your little Chinese motorbike.:rolleyes7:
    The world changes all the time and it hardly ever goes backwards. Maybe we should start learning Chinese.????????? They're here to stay, I think.
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  13. augidog

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    snobs or discriminating consumers?

    it's not "china"'s slave-labor, corrupt trade practices, and plain ole greed that needs boycotting.

    you can get a good 1-piece crank from china, or you can get a carpy one. you can get a good coaster/12G/steel wheel, or a carpy one. you can get a decent version of the HT, or you can get a carpy one. it's usually a matter of a few bucks difference. consumer-"greed" is alive and well, the carpy suppliers know it and thrive on it.

    be more discriminating in your buys, don't be penny-wise-pound-foolish...

    so...don't boycott china, boycott CARP products, wherever they may come from...keep in mind, somewhere in the food chain, there's an american who's chosen to pad his/her pockets on volume sales of carpy goods to uninitiated fellow americans. i say boycott them, too.
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  14. Revorunner

    Revorunner Member

    I totally agree Augidog.

    It's all about GREED!:furious3:
  15. elewayne

    elewayne New Member

    I totally agree on the greed thing. It's blatant greed and the common,(these days and the last couple decades), that anything you want to do is OK if it makes "you" money. That's what got this country in the shape it' in today.:sweatdrop:
    Values need to change in a big way.
  16. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    KDC1956. Thanks for passing on the info. Kind of thought what this is about.
    I think mirrors are a bit over rated anyway. Thats why the horns are in cars to let us know their there. But I run one anyway. It goes well with my multi flashing tail light. Both came from the local Dollar Store. They work, I don't. But I got super glue and duct tape.
  17. cooltoy

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    This ones a hard one for me. A few weeks ago I went to a Walmart and bought a bike helmet with a price tag 0f $79.00. It was on sale for $9.99. That made my day. Last week I bought a trailer hitch plug for $3.99. The same plug sells for twice as much at Can. Tire and they both come from the same factory. Am I the "greedy one" for saving my money or is Canadian Tire the greedy one for wanting to charge me twice as much?
    I bought the cheapest arc welder on sale at Can. Tire for $99.00 plus tax just so I could play with bikes. I saw one at Walmart for $49.00. I have not been able to use mine because it has a 20 amp plug and I don't think I should mess with the wires in my 100 year old house. I'm so tempted to return it and get that one from Walmart, it has a normal 15 amp style plug and I'll save $50.00.
    My only income is from a duplex that I own , I make my own beer and roll my own smokes and only buy things on sale. I don't think I'm a bad guy but I guess I am guilty of thinking of myself first.
  18. augidog

    augidog New Member

    NOT guilty!

    i'd say yer a discriminating consumer, you shopped for the seller who deserved your business by offering a more reasonable price for the same item.

    if you'd cheaped-out, knowingly bought a lower-quality plug to save a buck...well, imo, that'd be on you.

    i also have to look for the best deal, but i'll only go so low...the CARP-sellers are waiting for me to go lower...but with places like MBc to help inform me, the CARP-sellers haven't been getting much of my money lately.
  19. lordoflightaz

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    I haven't been here long. As I understand their may be some people here that are unpleasant or so I was told. So far I have not had any really bad experience. Heck I can't tell if am here or on a similarly named site, other than I think I read the same thing twice and look at the URL

    It is true that Walmart is evil, but I have found so is Google, all chain restaraunts and long ago I was told Microsoft was evil as well. The nearest Walmart has a bike rack, Target and KMart do not. The next nearest Target does. I tend to like to at least lock the bike up to something made of steel.

    Hang around just to **** them off.
  20. SimpleSimon

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    Walmart is evil? Google, chain restaraunts, Microsoft are evil?

    I don't think so. Let me tell you why.

    Evil implies intent to do harmf to others, or at least a desire to do harm to others. Who, exactly, has Walmart harmed? Don't tell me the local Mom & Pop stores - if the customer base wants them to survive, then they'll pay the added overhead costs of small-volume merchandising. Obviously enough, for the most part they do not care enough to put their money where their mouths are.

    I hate shopping at Walmart - simply because the darned place is so friggin' big and spread out that it take significantly longer to get my groceries there. Conversely, I like shopping at Walmart - simply because for the same $20 bill I can bring home one more sack of groceries than I could buy at Krogers. On my fixed income, that is important. By that same token, my medications and diabetic supplies purchased at Walmart cost me about $80/month - at Walgreens that would be over $200.month, at Kroger it would be nearly $160/month.

    At Walmart, I can make one trip in my car and get nearly everything I need. Shopping the dedicated grocery stores, then the various other stores I'd need to visit for the same stuff, I'd put 2X to 3X as many miles on my car. Gas ain't cheap.

    There are some things I won't go to Walmart for - such as reliable quality hardware - likewise I don't shop Harbor Freight for that sort of thing either. Car repairs at Walmart? I don't think so - again, reliable quality outweighs saving a few bucks. Books and magazines? No, not Walmart - but guess what? The best bookstore going on a reliable basis is Barnes & Nobles - which is another "big box" store.

    The purpose of business - any business - is profit for its owners. Whether that ownership is one guy with a small shop, or 10 million stockholders of a company doing $10 billion a year in sales or more. Is profit evil? Volume purchasing allows the buyer to buy at lower wholesale cost; volume merchandising in a big box store allows the retailer to drive his overhead costs per item sold down. Where that is reflected in lower costs to the end-user, how can it be "evil"?