snow and winter snowmoble track

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by cooltoy, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. cooltoy

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    What does everyone think? I remember searching for this stuff a couple of years ago and only finding one kit that went for $800. Today I got so many hits that I was surprised.
    $400 will get you this (pic with installed kit). The other two are fom craigslist

    *edit*- I was just looking at the pic of the bike and I can't help but wonder how we are going to be installing the happy-time on all of these new frames. It may be time to start collecting old school bikes for the next

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  2. bennyboy

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    you know what I do remember reading bout those and I wanted them on a motorized bike cause I thought that would be the coolest toy in the winter. This was when I was really young sitting there on a pile of torn apart bikes wishing I had a engine to put on them.
    But now seeing them and thinking wow on a bmx frame that happened to be motorized that would be way to fun in the winter. Hmmm you know selling motorized ski bmx bikes in the winter could be the next thing.
  3. cooltoy

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    When you consider that a snow-board can cost as much as these bikes, I can picture a sport store doing very well at selling them. I wish I had the money to market them!
    A few years from now, you and I will look back and think ..."I wish I would of.....opened a store"
  4. Rain City

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    What! This is the best thing ever... well, not for Seattle - but if I were in Mich I would need that to play with.
  5. Snax

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    No doubt those would be an additional level of fun, but for anybody looking for regular hardpack winter commuting traction, a set of Innova Ice Husky tires is a good option. I've commuted with mine on solid ice with little trouble. Soft pack is another story though obviously.
  6. stude13

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    you want to have some biking fun check out iditabike. hard core fun.