Snowblower bike

Got this frame about a year ago for $5, very rusty. Initially I put a chainsaw engine on there but being rather used and 2 stroke it ended up dying, so I found a snowblower in a junkyard with a 13hp tecumseh on it that sorta sputtered when I threw some gas in there so I bought a carb and welded the frame around it out of an old stop sign post. Was thinking about a centrifugal clutch, but all the cheap ones have reviews of them burning out and any good one with a 1" bore is like $100 or so, so I went with a foot actuated friction belt clutch using the stock tensioner, and it turned out to be a good way to get a 2 speed anyways. Considered a cvt but again, those are also expensive, and total my build is just under $150. Can pop a wheelie and gets up to 55 rather fast and cruises around town rather nice for something so top heavy with no suspension. Is it fun? yeah. Is it safe? 5th amendment. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions



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May 12, 2022
Eye candy. Wow!, But I would like to see it being ridden as it looks almost impossible but I am a Risk Manager so my opinion does not count.:unsure:
Sure! Best I've got on hand is a video from when I still had one speed (and the original drag slick before it started to split!)

Will try to get some more current footage next time I've got a tripod on hand