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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by strotter, Jun 25, 2009.

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    It all started when I was a kid. My Dad would talk about chusman scooters and whizzer bicycles. When he was a teenager he always wanted one. He taught me to want one too. But alas never got one. In 1999 whizzer re-launched the whizzer and my Dad and I almost got one. But $2000 was a little to much.

    About a year ago I found a HT on ebay, put it on my 20 year old beach cruiser and jumped into the MB thing. Yesterday I finished my second build. New beach cruiser with Titan motor from Dax mounted to a "scooterguy" motor mount. I went to post a vendor review and found out I needed to "introduce myself" first. So here I am.

    When I ride my's like I'm getting away with pedaling... 100+ mpg.... yea it's like cheating.

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    A belated welcome then, better late than never, lol.
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    we're glad you found us.

    Maybe it's like cheating, but I don't think of it that way.

    Someone else did the really hard work; engineering a drive train. And that gave me the boost I needed.

    Now I have a pretty competent work horse that I (mostly) built myself. It's entirely mine and no one has one just like it. To me, it's a much more personal machine than my car. I see my pedal bike in the same light. Though I can be very, very fond of particular cars, I just don't feel the same affection for an auto that is just like 10,000 others.

    So you shouldn't feel like you're cheating. Though maybe you weren't very serious about that anyway.

    One of the members here has a signature line that says, "it's like riding downhill all the time". That puts it pretty well.
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    "cheating" was more of a tongue in cheek phrase, like the downhill comment.

    Getting 100+ mpg, not pedaling, no's cheating.... in a cool way.
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    Yes, I had a feeling you meant it tongue in cheek.

    And, yes, it's cheating in a cool way. Exhilarating, too.