so how many of your 2 strokers are pushin 40?



TF, I don't think Myron worries too much about a little weight here and there or even wind resistance. He probly goes at whatever speed he has decided to go.



Made It To 40 MPH With Help From Wind And Gravity

I have a 32cc Tanaka from Golden Eagle and I hit 40.1 mph going downhill with a 25 mph tailwind last week. Going into the wind on level ground my speed got as low as 13.5 mph. Most of the ride into the wind was at 18 mph.

On level ground without any wind my top speed is only 28-30 mph even with the highway gear. I only weigh about 150 pounds. I always ride full throttle. Yesterday it was acting weird and started going 5-10 mph slower for no reason at all. I don't know what the problem is. The temperature around here was 50 degrees so I doubt it was overheating. My last tank of gas showed only 134 miles per gallon.


no not the age! lol was just wondering how fast some of you guys are averaging.


Riding a Sun Recumbent Speedster CX with a GEBE kit 32 cc with HP carb upgrade and performance stack with air filter. Bike also has a fairing......On the flats I can go 39 MPH. Been clocked doing that by local police and was warned to slow down. I was in a 25 mph zone.


Dang, Steve!

That's pretty awesome. Recumbants are surely the way to go for the best aerodynamics, (for those who are interested in speed) :cool: You have a picture of your bike?


I have hit 35 with my DE Scrubber. BUT got to thinking, a 50BFG hammering down the road with, oh say 1/2 inch of rubber total on the road, and not having the desire, and impaired ability to recover from road rash, I keep it in the 20- 25 range, enjoy the ride and everything will last longer. Engine, bike and 50YO BFG

Jim H

34.8 downhill, tailwind, 40cc tanaka rack mount by gebe, 14 tooth drive gear. Flat ground no wind, 29-31mph.


:cool:Tom, I "cut my teeth" on a STATON friction drive and 1.60hp 33cc ROBIN 4-stroke engine. It's a great engine/drive combo to begin motoring. top speed on a slight decline was a gradual 26mph. there's a large friction loss, so the engine never reached max rpm.

next came the 2.2hp MITSUBISHI and STATON gear chain drive on a 20" DAHON. excellent acceleration, speeds to 29.6mph, much less power loss and engine rpm maxing out.

coming up is an old SCHWINN bike with friction drive, smallest roller, modified 49cc pocket bike engine, DELLORTO carb, advanced timing and tuned pipe to reach 35mph. because of large friction loss and high gearing, the engine's 9500rpm won't be reached.

finally, a 4.2hp 40cc engine from a POLINI Italian pocket bike, coupled to a STATON gear chain drive and maybe NuVinci hub. the 35mph limit is still personally enforced, but acceleration should be very brisk.

Yes, Tom, i can feel the wind resistance at speed. lately, i've been trying to rest my throat on my handlebars to reduce frontal area, but the bike gets more squirrelly when i do that.:eek:

Anyway, it's not the actual top speed that gives me the rush. it's the ILLUSION of speed, and the acceleration. therefore, restricting top speed to 30mph or 35mph is prudent for me, because with high hp and low gears, brutal acceleration under control will be totally exhiliarating!


try 1897

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Oct 9, 2006
I laid down a 8.295 sec. 166.9 mph quater mile on a highly modified KZ1000 at the local dragstrip some years back. You are right about the acceleration being what its all about. That was one fast motorbike thats for sure..... VW T in WV


Sweet, Myron!

A few things that help with high-speed stability: long wheelbase, large true wheels with fat, smooth tires, and wider handlebars. I bombed a huge hill with my bike (before motor) and hit speeds in excess of 50mph, and might've felt safe there if I'd had anti-lock disk brakes. 8-|
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