So i have gotten an elcetric and have a motor and now looking at buying a new one

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    I am looking into finally building a full on traveling motorized bike. My electric one, though fun, couldn't hold up to the traveling. Mostly the controller kept frying so I am going to leave that at home for now unless I can find a folding one to keep sheltered.

    I am looking to either finish building my 66cc one or buying a completed 48cc in omaha today. I am wondering if you have to keep the bike level but now I think I really need to look through the vendor sites.

    I thought for sure I had joined this before but apparently I just read so much it felt like it.

    Thanks for reading and safe riding.

  2. professor

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    HI There, welcome to Motoredbikes! The only thing you need level (somewhat) is the carb.
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    thank you

    Hey thanks for your reply... I stopped and picked it up. It is assembled though poorly. The guide bent in and tore some spokes. It is a pretty poor bike with old sidepull brakes. I will have to take a long look and tighten things on it until I get back home since I am traveling right now. Maybe I will see about switching it over to a better bike after reading more here. I have to secure it on the back of my truck while traveling so in the end I want to get a pretty rock solid build that can take the bumping and what not. Thanks again.