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Hello All.
I just bought a new moterized bike from Its The Querve. I am fallowing the break-in routine and doing ok but it is so new to me that I dont know what I doing yet! I hope to find the answers to my questions here. :D


Apr 23, 2007
Welcome! All your answers are hear, use the search and have fun with your MBc education


they call me "shortcake"

Thanks for the welcomes. I live in Tucson AZ and riding a moterized bike up to 20mph is legal here. I am told my bike can go up to 35mph and to foil the cops I can ghost pedal.
I have been reading all the posts from the past and finding the info very helpful.
My bike is an absolute beauty and everywhere I go people of all ages stop, stare and yell questions at me. I even found out how to deal with that in archives!
I got a 30 minutes riding lesson from the owner of spooky tooth cycles but it was alot to take in all at once. He showed me maintanence, how it works and how to ride.
My biggest currant problem is my size. I am 5'2 and my feet do not reach the ground. I wanted 24 inch tires but was told by the shop that wouldnt be possible and that I am plenty tall enough. Its a huge cycle beast of a thing and I hope I get the hang of it.
I dont feel 100% confident that I could stop on a dime like I can with my Outlook Diamondback extra small womens mountain bike. So far my method is to hit the kill switch, stand up and lean to one side and put my left leg down breaking with my right hand. All that takes time and that worries me. People just do see bikes out here and to avoid being angry all the time and yelling at cars that try to turn right in the bike lane I have learned to just pretend like I am an invisable ninja warrier princess and ALWAYS be prepared to stop very quickly. The break in period is 4 tanks of gas and I hope to learn how to stop efficiently while riding up and down my steet. Wish me luck! :cool:

az cra-z


Welcome, and howdy! I'll be looking for 'ya on the streets of the Old Pueblo.