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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mtrbkr, Oct 26, 2008.

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    This weekend i was able to get my motor bike fully functional. What a blast it was. it is amazing how fast you feel like you are goin. I don't think i was going more than 25 mph, but what a difference from in a car. I just need to get some locktite now though, as some of the screws are loosening up. Does anyone know which oil is best for HT engines? i have been running mine on regular two stroke oil at 16:1 for the break in, but in my manual it says regular one place and synthetic the next. any advice?

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    There's been quite a bit of discussion about oil in the past down in the two-stroke forum (make use of the "fun" in "search function").

    Ive read breaking in with dino is a must and you can switch to synthetic or some mix afterward. Ive also read breaking in with snythetic is fine too, it just takes longer. Ive also heard that snythetic is too thin for the standard carb jet and youll need to buy/make a smaller one if you want to take full advantage of synthetic oil, and that HTs give better looking spark plugs and more power with dino oil using the stock jet. Ive read that if you have a bearing engine you can run super lean and not have any problems. And hey, ive also heard that full synthetic in a 2-stroke is terrible because of its low flash point.

    the bottom line? I honestly cant tell you, and reading up on the forums has given me insight as an answer. My bike is pretty new also, and Im just breaking it in with what i think is full synthetic (nothing says it is, but an online database says so complete with its low flash point) running 16:1 on my first gallon, and switching to 24:1 now. By the time i was halfway done with my second tank of 16:1 i started riding my engine as i would after its broken in (maybe bad!). While sitting around it revs nicely, accelerates ok until it hits a certian RPM then bogs a bit unless im on flat ground or downhill, then eventually itll break through that range and start kicking in the high RPMs, where i get some major power to the point where its kind of scary. Today i tried removing the baffle on my exhaust out of curiosity and did notice a very good power increase (among like a 40 db increase, good god) but the bogging issue was still there, so im guessing there isnt enough fuel in my mixture to blow up?

    Upon showing a friend of mine my bike, he instantly decided to buy one and im going to make him use dino oil so i have some basis of comparsion.
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    i have searched the forum for such information. It just seemed like there were many different opinions. I guess i'm just a follower, but i just wanted a one answer solution. thanks for your help
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    yeap yo better the lockite out, get a speedo oon that machine and the faster your baby goes the more you think your bike is going to fall apart!!!!