So now that my bike is running the way it should-- how do I smooth my ride?


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11:41 AM
Apr 2, 2008
I love riding my bike. It's still breaking in, but I can easily push it up to about 23 MPH, but at that speed, I feel uncomfortable. Not because it's going too fast, but because of the vibration, and noise. I put in the cardboard, like we talked about a bit ago, and it made a difference, which helped. Loud noises scare me!! Hahaha. I don't like it, but I would love to feel comfortable at 22, 23 MPH. I rode my friend's 49.3cc 4 stroke moped today. Obviously it's not the same, but I was impressed with the speed and power. I was hitting 30 with no problem, and feeling extremely comfortable doing it. I'd love to be able to do that on my bike. Any ideas? I know the difference in motors is huge, and I know there's a reason why he paid $2500, and I paid $170. lol.... just curious if you guys have any ideas or tips. I've been looking around the forum and have seen some things. I've almost finished riding 1 tank of gas.
I don't think there's much you can do about that with a HT. (though I'm no authority, being quite new to this)

I'll tell you what I do, though. I just ride it about as fast as I would pedal a bike on an easy-going, level ride. You gotta speed it up on uphills, under load, of course. That's where the engine develops it's power. But for level riding I just go nice and slow. It still shakes, of course. But at those speeds the bike could break in half and I'd (most likely) be able to come out of it unhurt. So I can relax.

That might not be the answer that you'd want if you got the choice.
But, really, where's the fire? Take your time and enjoy yourself.