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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 210061741, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. 210061741

    210061741 Guest


    I'm just wondering what you all think now.
    I am for sure pretty discouraged.

    Seems i was used by piratecycles and now here i am left out in the cold.

    Rich people are very evil to say the least.

    Several of them seem to have planned and orchestrated my demise very very well.

    I ended up with a collapsed left lung so i have been off my game the past 2 weeks.

    At this point in time my inspiration is gone and i really wonder if it's worth picking up all the pcs and put it all back together.

    The real question i have is why.

    It's such a shame cause i am a very talented individual and could accomplish great things for the motorbicycling community.

    Just wondering what you all think.


    Riding Rich

  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Thanks for the post Rich.
    How about taking it easy for a while?
    Avoid coffee, you don't need any stimulation.
    I am told what goes around comes around, however, when I consult my elder Brother, I do my best to accelerate the process. I don't like people getting hurt.
  3. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Guess I'll scratch piratecycles off the list of retailer's I'll buy from!!!!!
  4. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I'm sorry you got burned, Rich. Unlike some here, I do not think the scales will ever really balance, but I will tell you this - do what you love because you love it, not for any gain it may bring you. You'll be a happier man, and from my life experiences I can tell you that that approach will attract like-minded persons.

    Perhaps you will get lucky and make a connection with someone who has a sense of honor, and a decent bone in his body. I hope that you do - I followed the discussions and was intriqued by the possibilities in your proposals and ideas.

    So the people you thought of as partners in an effort to create were and are just thieves of the talents of others. I mean, really, was not their chosen name for their business - PirateCycles - sufficient warning?
  5. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    Rich..dont give up
  6. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    I agree Rich, don't give up and don't let guys like Fabian discourage you. You must've felt terrible after you announced that you had ported cylinders ready, then after all of his "credit card waving" and "sitting on the edge of his seat" - he raised the bar by wanting an exhaust system you haven't even started working on. :mad: Don't worry, there ARE real customers out there. You may want to buy a small banner ad here and at the other forum. Then see if those ported jugs sell out.

    Good Luck!
  7. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Thanks guys i really appreciate your support.

    I suppose everything happens for a reason.

    Ghost i don't know if i would go as far as saying not to buy from pirate.

    He dose have good stuff and good customer service.

    I honestly don't know why everything went sour.

    I have several theories but i guess now it's best to forget it and move on.

    Simple Simon

    What you say is very true.
    When i did all this for the love of it with no intention of profit it was the most fun.
    But i still would very much enjoy starting my own buisness.

    Currently i am working on a website and hope to be affiliated and integrated with Motored Bikes as much as possible.

    I am planning on making the new site a do it yourself.

    Share all the info i have gained from all of my testing.

    The bright side of things is the deal with the Fisher Yoke arm Engine Technology is still on.

    Justin and Jim don't want anything to do with it so it is left to me.

    Which is developing further and actuall legal documents are being put in place for everyones protection.

    Maybe the aspect of High Performance for our motored bikes was somewhat of a bad idea.

    Not that it's bad but there are as many negatives as there are positives.

    I will still continue on the performance path as i have said providing the general public with the info to modify there engines.

    But it seems the direction of the high efficcency engine is a good one.

    It will bring only positive attention to the motorbicycling world with an estimated fuel economey of 300MPG or better.

    And an engine expected to last between 30000 and 50000 miles.

    That's something good for all of us not just the speed freaks like myself.

    So today i will smile and wait to see what tommorow brings.

    I'll keep you all updated.
  8. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Why not? Looks like they used you. I can buy a generic chinese engine from many retailers on ebay, so they aren't selling anything special. You seem to have a decent background as a machinist, and a solid knowledge of engines. You don't need them, they screwed you and I will never consider buying anything from a guy who screws with his sub-contractors. I might as well buy from some importer on ebay who doesn't shive a git anyway. My suggestion is to keep your "day job" while you build up your side biz. And ignore the fake supporters that want you to make niche items that just won't sell, (EFI billet engines and other retarded ideas) and just concentrate on the basic items.

    Are you still working with Fisher Technologies with their unique engine design?
  9. (Ian)

    (Ian) Member

    Maybe it's none of my business, but what happened?

    As a consumer I'm looking to upgrade with quality parts and if you're a small time machinist you've got my support!
  10. 210061741

    210061741 Guest


    Yes i am still working with Fisher Technologies.
    This is now my primary project.
    Other than building my website.


    It's a long story but over a petty disagreement between myself and BikeGuyJoe alot of drama started.
    Which got me banned from then after i am banned Jim aka Creative Engineering jumps on my game. 60MPH bicycle thread on the other side.
    I got mad cause they ban me then copy me.
    I state that Jim's billet head is no good that it runs to hot.
    So a dispute between me and Jim broke out.

    After that it was all over....Justin Dropped me like a rock allthough they continue on the path i set.
    Justin said i was causing drama thats bad for his buisness.

    Seeing how Justin is pretty much paying Jims Rent and Buying all the metal for Jim + some sort of tight connection with Paul AKA Carribean Curiser the other owner of motorbicycling something about how it all went down is fishy.

    Also AUGIDOG tried to warn me of some Affiliation between Pirate Cycles / Justin and the guy that bought Augi's site.

    He seemed to know of the deception long befor it happened.

    Anyway i think Jim is threatened by my abilities and dosen't want the competition.

    After all he's been fibbing about his delivery times all along.
    The reason it takes three months to get anything is because he needed to build up enough money to buy the metal to make them.
    Not because he is to busy.

    What dose he have thats so special.

    An intake that is easy to produce and some sprocket adapters ????

    Yes them sprocket adapters are nice but who wants to wait 3 months.

    Soon as i get some cash together i will be purchasing my own CNC Equipment.

    I will make everything you guys want.

    Within reason.
  11. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    But you've got people (person) sitting on the edge of their seat waiving credit cards for a 120cc billet aluminum, low specific output, EFI, PC programmable, crank inducted, reed valve in frame engine. (whew!) Isn't that reasonable? lol

    But seriously, just take things one step at a time. I know what you mean about the crony capitalism in these forums. They may claim no affiliation with advertisers, but I've seen some editing and censoring that skews things in favor of the retailer. Now this "pay to play" policy is to be expected I suppose, but don't claim that you aren't associated with any vendor when owners and moderation staff are actively involved with advertisers.

    Just keep on keepin' on!
  12. tacoshell4

    tacoshell4 Member

    not for nothing but pirate cycles is the best retailer out there trust me dont let one person change your mind
  13. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Guess you guys didnt take the time to see my response.

    never told anyone not to go there
  14. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Well then why would you even post that they screwed you? To kiss up and get them more business? WTF?
  15. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Ghost 0

    I'm trying to be the better guy i suppose.
    It don't seem like things are gonna come back together anyway.

    I'm just riding the waves now.

    Let life take me where it wants to.

    Just wanted to give it a chance.

    Either way what can you do.

    Continue down the beaten path or blaze a new one.

    Thats about it.
  16. Gettin a bogus logon to both these sites is not honorable....I know I did it too LOL
    here's a link for anyone to chat about most anything legal they want to it's free the next 3 days then I have to buy into it I like the idea of doin it way no how is it to compete for anyones business just something I like to do.
    Password for chat room is bicycle
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2010
  17. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Rich, IMO blazing a new path does not include letting life take you where it wants to. YOU have to give you own life direction. Life is a bull, and you need to grab it by the horns and take charge - or it will run over you.

    If you have a passion for Motorized Bikes, keep working on small projects for a little extra income but don't quit your day job until you are sure you can support you and your family on the income generated from the business.

    Take the money earned from your MB side business and reinvest it in equipment, but don't blow your wife's settlement money on a whim. (maybe put it in a college fund for your kids) Think big, but start small and let it grow on its own.

    Throw those ported jugs on eBay, and re-post the videos showing the performance. Don't count on what people say here (waving credit cards, etc.), use the real free market to test your creations.

    I wish you the best of luck given the understanding that "luck" is often created by the "lucky" individual.
  18. Very good advice Gh0stRider!

    Your words reflect a wisdom beyond your age. :wink:

  19. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    Rich, to be honest it's guys like you that keep me interested in this forum and
    motorized biking in general. You are way out on the cutting edge of constantly seeing what else can be done with these otherwise ball-less engines. I'm always eager to see what you'll do next. I love to keep screwing around with stuff to change it and make it different and better. I always tell people that sometimes wrong roads are actually shortcuts. I hope that your life will become different and better from all the **** you've been through. I know you got the talent to succeed ,keep the faith brother. Hope you find your shortcut.
  20. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    George i don't have a bogus login for this site.
    I allways been 210061741.

    Now the other site.

    Cant help but to see whats going on.
    But you dont have to log in for that.

    All i know is i never fail.
    Failure is not in my blood.
    And there has never been anything i couldn't accomplish once i was determined.
    That is my strength.

    Who knows what i'll do next.
    I don't even know.

    But i do know i will do something.

    Like allways.