So that's what happens when you accidentally clutch dump and your hub adapter slips...


Mar 30, 2019
Lately I've been getting braver and braver for how far I travel on my bike, so yesterday I decided to do a rough 12 mile journey to enjoy the beautiful weather. Everything was going smoothly until when I was taking off from a light I let go of the clutch too early causing it to almost stall. In an instant I grabbed the clutch, grabbed the throttle hard and managed to hit a small pothole which caused the clutch lever to slip. Heard a nice loud pop and the bike locked up. So after walking it across the intersection I took a closer look. The wheel was so out of round that it had gotten stuck on the rear brake, 2 spokes were snapped and several others bent. After disconnecting the rear brakes the bike was able to roll again and that worked for maybe about 10 seconds before the 91f heat started to get to me. Considering that I still had just over 4 miles until I got home, I risked using the motor. That, by far, was the sketchiest bike ride of my life with how bad of a wobble the wheel had. 7-9mph was the best you could do without being overcome by sheer terror.

I blame not the hub adapter, but myself for not cleaning and severely roughing up the mating surfaces. The only time it would shift is if you dumped the clutch to kill the motor or if you had it on a stand, in gear and cut the motor. It never, ever moved from just acceleration. A testament to how well they can hold at times.


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Jul 29, 2018
yeah, there's a needed thing to keep in mind these are not a usual clutch we can slip and power up to speed. all or nothing and only when the motor is at a rpm it csn handle a load. once I almost went over the bars bcs I had 2 left levers, and grabbed the wrong one and these events likely happen at intersections.
a freewheel would solve many problems but then you can't bump start. 4 strokes have a big advantage on any situation under 8mph I think esp. braking and accelerating from a stop.
you're ok tho? I pushed my heavy bike 3 miles 1 time on a flat tire. glad it wasn't vey hot!