So, what else do you like to do?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gone_fishin, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest


    after posting my thingy about the radio station, i realized it is appropriate...i'm an established member in good standing on this board, and gol-durnit, if i wants to tellyas about my other interests, i'm-a-gonna do it :)

    YOU should, too!! :D

    'sides, my buddys linked to us, also...and cross-linking with other cool peeps is good karma & quite welcome 8)

  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Good music, dirtbiking, motorcycles (when they run), cars, school, business, motorized bicycles, beer, football, food, working out, supplements (, hmmmm... what else...
  3. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Too many things....R/C helicopters, hunting, fishing, camping, street rods. No wonder I never have any time.
  4. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    Way to much

    First I love my bike and have to much fun with it .

    I use to fight sword and sheild in the SCA but sence my heart attack I can teach and only kick a little ass. I am also a combat archer archer was my second passion I started when I was about 11 combat archery is how I meet my other half I shot him in the neck at a "war" he was the comander on the other side after 13yrs of fighting each other we finaly sat down and talked and found out we had a lot in common soooooo here we are :)

    My first love is leather work I started that when I was 10 and now own and operate my own shoe and leather repair shop we just bought a house and have the shop set up in the house that way I can work on projects all night if I want + we also set up an archery range (+ I love making my own arrows and cresting ).

    I love politics but right now I have to take a break from that as it will take over your life if you are not careful.

  5. D.J.

    D.J. Guest

    I love the smell of fresh sawdust and paint . The entrance to my house took a year and a half to design and make all of the pieces . It was like having an extra part time job . There is blue stained glass behind all of the faces . The plan was to make them light up at night . I never got around to it . I find that if I don't have a project to work on I tend to do nothing . Starting a new project is also always a great excuse to buy a new power tool . I live in Manitoba . This makes long stretches inside the workshop during the winter months inevitable . .....D.J.

  6. istbenz

    istbenz Guest

    NICE Work.....on everything :!: I absolutely LOVE that trailer- its pretty sleek. what do you carry in it? :D :D
  7. D.J.

    D.J. Guest

    I want to use it to haul my lawn chair , beach umbrella , fishing gear , tools , small cooler , picnic basket and air mattress to a local fishing spot . A twenty mile round trip . I only made one trip before the weather got cold . D.J.
  8. Steve

    Steve Guest


    I saw your trailer over on T&TTT. Small world, huh? I'm SteveH over there.
  9. davidsis

    davidsis Guest


    I like to sell stuff on the computer. Craigs list e-bay. I like UFC Ultimate fighting. Working out. I like to mess with houses too. Have a house in Daytona Florida that I rent.
  10. I hang out with the wife, walk the dog and kill zombies in my videogames - I'm also equal parts Simpsons
    fan and transformers freak (see my sig). I like HERBS and I like to garden
    but I don't have one so I resort to crowding my back porch with all sorts of plants each year.
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    politics, cookie? :p i know what ya mean, it broke my heart the day i realized i couldn't fix a system i'd worked so hard defending in my youth. :roll:

    yup, D.J., that is some slick work, no doubt 8)

    davidsis...when i lived in boston, i loved doing craigslist, people brought my beer-money right to the front door :)

    sideshowsideswipe, "container" gardening is really cool, had a buddy who had about 80 potted-plants, his small backyard looked different everytime i visited :)
  12. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Is there some sort of hidden message I don't get?
  13. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    politics, cookie? i know what ya mean, it broke my heart the day i realized i couldn't fix a system i'd worked so hard defending in my youth.

    Ya but I am still trying to work the system (what branch where you in Augie?? I was an Airedale) I have worked with Baker on the some VA stuff and am a charter member of the woman' memorial in DC

    sideshow I finally have a place to grow plants and am treating the dirt with ash right now to raise the alkyl we also have a lot of natural mulish I want to grow some rosemary Basle mint thyme and chamomile what do you have growing ???

  14. sadly growing season is over and my plants are slowly freezing to death. I had bouganvile, morning glory, etc lots of climbers and hangers for privacy. as folks walk by the porch

  15. Edward

    Edward Guest

    I'm into Civil War Artillery (2'd Kansas Lt Artillery -Union) and music (Gumsprings Serenaders). Until the motorized bike and moped hobby took over, I was into hotrodding my 72 Mercedes.
  16. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    You should post pics! Here is my '81 mercedes:

  17. istbenz

    istbenz Guest

    sounds like we have a few mercedes peeps here too! :D . i had a 76 240D that was a beautiful shade of orange. i bought it from the original owner and drove it for 3 years including a trip to seattle and back in a round a bout kind of way (total miles about 6500!) 8) gosh, i miss that car. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    i think it had something like 63 horsepower! but it was a diesel and it had enough low-end torque to pull a house down. i guess i sold it about three years ago to a chick that was looking for something to make a statement in 8). it had like 350,000 miles on it and it was still kickin'. sorry i don' have any good pics of it :(
  18. davidsis

    davidsis Guest

    What about the Lincoln

    Check it out.[​IMG]
  19. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Re: What about the Lincoln

    I like the sticker 8)
  20. istbenz

    istbenz Guest

    its a beaut :!:
    watch that bike closely though. mine tried to kill me on more than one occasion :shock: