So, what else do you like to do?



I've got my engine mounted in rubber. Don't know if it helps because I've had it that way since I first got it running. I can tell you if it does help, I don't want to ride it without it because it still vibrates too much for me.



I'm into a lot of different things, but old bikes, motobikes, and motorcycles really get me going.
I love adventure and travel, though i don't do nearly enough of it.
I play the bass in an Outlaw Country band.
I love to design things and draft them out, then tinker in my shop with it.
I like to garden.
I collect many things: books, movies, music, toys (I'll be dumping the boxes and boxes of action figures pretty soon), comics, scrap metal that has visual interest, etc.... I just really dig cool old junk.
I'm trying to curb that pack rat side though and become more minimalistic. I want my freedom more than I want posessions, so I've acquired some land, I am building a garage with apartment (isn't that the dream of any gearhead? To live IN their shop?) I want to live a little less dependant upon "the system", and have the freedom to choose my time; I try to avoid using the phrase 'free time" as I don't believe there really is any free time, just the freedom to choose what I do with my time.
I grew up in small farming communities, my father was an F.F.A. advisor, my mom was a 4-H leader (a club for handicapped and developmentally disabled folks in which I was a very heavily involved youth leader/helper), so I would like to set up a minute hobby farm here and raise/grow some of my own food and such. I'd like to learn preserving techniques. I have friends who are involved in the mountain man rendevous stuff anfd they've been a great help in teaching me a lot of the old ways of doing those type things.
I really like history stuff.
I live to observe the world around me, The people in it, my place amongst all of it.
I like to draw, write, and work with my hands.
I dig old architecture.
C.B. radio is fun.
I love horror, the macabre, and just dumb spooky ol' halloweeny things.
I'm all about sci-fi (I have Darth Vader and Obi-Wan tattooed on my back)
Oh yeah, I like tattoos (as art, as much as getting the work done)
Um, I guess I probably have an interest in just about anything, and everything.
I like animals (except hornets and wasps, they scare the hell outta me) I live in a no pet building, so I now have another pet tarantula ( my second- the first died at the lively age of 14 years...) her name is 'Q'.
I'm going to be taking some classes to improve some of my skills (welding, auto body paint, Wheel building) and to refresh the old machinist skills that I haven't used in 6 years.
I dunno, I've always had a very curious mind full of visions and an interest in just about everything.
You know, I've never really listed everything that I'm into before. My goodness I'm quite the little freak of nature!


Is it just me or are most of us independent thinkers and Renaissance men and women???

Uncle puck I was in the SCA for longer than I want to think and have recently told all the land lords to kiss off we bought our own house and I have my business built on the side of the house (I do shoe and leather repair) and just finished putting in a Mediterranean herb garden that is doing well (nothing has died yet).

I want to get the old MOTHER EARTH mag if I can still find them and am looking into either wind or solar energy I found a tankless water heater for 200. on the Internet and those things are great and cheep to run . If I could find a diesel generator that would run on veggie oil I might get into that in the future.


Cookie said:
Is it just me or are most of us independent thinkers and Renaissance men and women???

i think that in our own ways we probably are. i find it interesting how many of us have similar views on the world around us and on 'stuff' in general. you guys (& gals!) are like long lost friends- it seems like we know one another even though we've never actually met. :D


I Like to use the phrase, "Old friends who've just met" to describe that...


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Sep 30, 2006
Quoting Sister Mary Ruth, OSB=

"Paul, if you had lived in the renaissance, you would have been a pirate."

Cookie- Yesterday's USA Today (and now they want to charge for the articles) on adobe/strawbale technology. That's what I like seeing, energy efficiency and cost savings in houses.

Auburn Univ. has been using unique technology to build/refurbish houses in the southern part of the state, I hope to see a few of those later this month. I saw 3 NEBRASKA houses, (well, one was a church), built in the late 1800's and folks still living in them and adding on.....


i like making stuff like headphone amps and tazers and LED lights and any electronic device that can fit in an Altoids Can


i like welding hopefully when i move out ill go to collage to take welding classes and metal fab. other then that im mostly a scum bag.