So Where do you guys ride?

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  1. BostonReefer

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    Hey fellow motor bike riders,

    Have not seen this thread anywhere yet and wondering so figured I would ask.
    I do not mean specific location, but rather the street? off road bike paths? sidewalks? in front of cars? parallel to cars? dirt paths? threw the woods? obey taffic light? don`t obey traffic light? pass bikers? etc. etc.

    My self I`m just getting into it so Cant say I have put to many miles on, but I will share.

    Live in Boston MA huge biking city many bike lanes, paths etc... I use the bike lane when available but definitely find myself using off street bike paths when not to crowded pull clutch and pedal by whenever passing someone.

    There is no way if there is a shorter way around i`m taking the street. I usually obey traffic signals, unless there is no need.

    Cruise around 15-20 on off street bike paths

  2. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    on bike paths or hard shoulders if I can but most of my riding is in the street. I follow all the rules a motorcyclist would. usually if I'm passing a pedestrian or an animal or a cyclist I'll idle past them, but I'll make some noise for kids because they love seeing the thing.
  3. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    I live in Maryland, which does require a Tag, Drivers License and Insurance. That gives me a right to use the actual roads, but I tend to use the shoulder areas and designated bike lanes. I was in a MD State Park recently that required a special permit for motorized vehicles, so I pedaled the entire time. I did print out a detailed local map that lets me plan my trips and I recently signed up for eCrumbs on my Android cell phone so my family can track me on rides. I am feeling out the bike and limits even after 300 miles. I added two small saddle bags which lets me carry all tools I might need to do repairs on the road, but do remember that a 40 pound gets really heavy after a mile or two of pedaling or carrying the bike.
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  4. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    'bout an hour ago, was going up a long, steep hill behind a spandex guy doing maybe 4mph - lots of traffic on the road, but when it cleared, I pulled out of the bike lane and passed him at 30mph

    worried some about the grinding noise I heard, but realized it was him grinding his teeth : )
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  5. AssembleThis

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    Street Riding

    Hi BostonReefer!

    Been riding on streets to town, about a 15 mile trip. Or to Wally world about a 4 mile trip. No bike lanes here and the roads are pretty bad, no trails or paths either. In fact in most states these roads would not qualify as streets. They are very narrow, as two vehicles can just pass each other in opposite directions, maybe someday they will widen them. The woods mostly. And very dangerous as well, so I'm designing and fabricating a motorcycle electronics system for my cruiser. Hopefully one of these crazy rednecks in this area wont run me down before it's done, as I hate going to the hospital.


  6. BostonReefer

    BostonReefer New Member

    Wait wait wait there is an actual wallyworld ??
  7. AssembleThis

    AssembleThis Member

    Wally World

    Hi BostonReefer!

    Yeah that's what we call Walmart around here lolol.


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  8. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Same here ;-}
    We shop there for many things, just never for bikes.

    I don't ride much other than neighborhood new build test rides these days but I always liked the canal banks that run diagonal through the whole Phoenix metro area.

    Though frequented by lot's of group spandex pedal riders and some runners they are like our own Autobahn, but without any guard rails or night lighting.

    I don't give the Spandex any problems, I get wide open behind them and just coast by at idle with a smile and nod.

    As for the roads I have every right to a whole lane and use one when I make left, but for the right side I ride where it's safe for me and traffic can get around.

    That does not mean there aren't other fun places to ride, but that depends on the bike, these were taken less than a mile away a couple weeks ago of a fun Fat Tire 66cc with X-champer and 7speed shift kit build.





    That is one very fun and versatile machine right there ;-}
  9. BostonReefer

    BostonReefer New Member

    Slang for walmart i get it never heard that before. I was thinking wallyworld from national lampoons vacation oh chevy lmao

    This is awesome guys thanks for the info. I hate left turns got beeped at yesterday. Thinking I shall get some blinkers. I want ones that can be seen during the day any suggestions?
  10. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    I only ride in the streets. Its illegal to ride on sidewalks. I've got a really strong side basket. So my bike has a practical use as well as for enjoyment.
  11. AssembleThis

    AssembleThis Member

    Lights and Accessories

    Hi BostonReefer!

    There are many options out there. This is what I'll be installing on my first build, still waiting for parts though so it will be a while before I can assemble it all and take pictures.

    The headlight is an 8 Cree 12,000 Lumen, looks like an auto headlight when on. The rest are all LED. I'm installing a 12AH battery and a few other items as well.

    I'm also making an auto cutoff charger for the SLA battery and a CDI ignition, the printed circuit boards for both as well. Maybe another year before my first build is finished.

    Winding and testing my own engine alternators too.

    Still waiting on parts for all that as well. Since I live in the sticks I have to order everything. Takes 1 to 2 months to get stuff.


  12. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    save your time... i recently rewound a coil with 800 turns (0.2mm) for the power/lighting...while it will reach 30 volts or soon as its loaded, it drops right down, below 9v. and after i wound the full 3500 turns (0.1mm)on the ignition side... it wouldnt run while i had any load on the power winding. instant killswitch :(

    mind you, my load is 18W 6 LED spotlight + a lot of tails i havent counted yet. whats that in lumens? iunno...but people flash their lights at me :)

    seemed to work fine with 2800 turns on ignition, but also fried a CDI. not sure if it was just the CDI waiting to stab me in the back for neglect or caused by my lack of turns. either way, it fried.

    12 ah is just gunna be heavy...and my last SLA packed it in, and was still only fairly new. me thinks they cant take the vibration for too long. if the generator is simply being used to charge during the would get away with 3ah or less. im staying with li-po until i get something else to work as a generator.

    oh. where do i ride?

    anywhere. once i even had the joy of riding under a bus :) briefly. another few millimetres i woulda been riding in an ambulance :) and there'd be one bus driver out of a job after squashing a bike into a guardrail while carting the schoolkids around :jester: thankfully i was BEHIND the rear wheel when my front went under :)
  13. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Rechargeable batts like Duracell or everyready work great for my lights. I usually ride bike trails then veer off into unknown hoods to explore, then hit the trail again. It's a gray area as to the legality if the motors running, I just try to use common sense and pedal when I'm near folks. I don't do traffic at all, it's side streets or the side walk [on major thoroughfares] to get to where I'm going. Only exception is the secondary arterials where there's a dedicated bike lane. Usually cars respect that.
  14. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    8.8A 4.2V LI battery, charger, and CREE T6 1200 Lumen LED headlight and mount <$20.
    I love these type of lights, especially the strobe function for daylight riding.